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Play to Earn Games to Watch in March

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearly through the first quarter of the year! Things are changing rapidly in the web3 gaming space, and we’re here to take a look at a few play to earn games to watch in March of 2023!

New releases, new wallets, new mobile apps, new tokens, and even entirely new games! The play to earn space and community continues to grow and expand. And today we have a selection of games you might want to watch over the coming months!

FPS Games

FPS games are a great fit for the web3 space and the competition is rapidly heating up! Undead Blocks just released their daily play and earn feature, adds the first step towards a crafting system, and we have betas, alphas, and updates from all sort of other games such as Mini-Royale FORA, Metalands, Project Red, Forge: Arena, just to name a few!

And best of all, most of these games are free to play or have free to play options!


The Illuvium dev team now has four games running and accessible, with concurrent development on all of them! Illuvium Beyond is set to open in just a couple of days from now. Meanwhile, Illuvium Zero, Illuvuim Overworld, and Iluvium Arena are all in various alpha and beta tests. It feels like Illuvium is very close to connecting everything together and then suddenly springboarding an entire game ecosystem onto the public! That probably won’t happen in March, but Illuvium is still one to keep an eye on!

Immutable X

Already a big player in web3 gaming, Immutable continues to grow, recently adding ChainMonsters to their portfolio. In addition, they recently announced plans for their Immutable Passport, a seamless wallet and login experience for use by all the developers in the Immutable ecosystem. Finding ways to onboard more traditional gamers into the web3 space is an ongoing effort among many blockchain games and apps. And those who can do the best job at it will certainly have an advantage moving forward. Immutable is in a prime position to be one of those in the lead position!

Immutable Passport banner

Gods Unchained

The buzz around Gods Unchained has began to grow again as they move into pre-alpha testing for their mobile app. Mobile gaming is another big facet for gamers, and a great opportunity to increase the playerbase. With an already established system of daily play and earn options, as well as official tournaments every weekend, and a large market of available NFTs, Gods Unchained has a solid foundation to grow from. A playable mobile version could be a huge boost for the game!

Gods Unchained mobile
Gods Unchained on mobile

Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged made a huge move recently. They migrated LAVA, the native token for their ecosystem, onto their Elysium blockchain, and capped the number of tokens in existence.They are already building a diverse ecosystem on Elysium with their own DEX, a marketplace, and a growing selection of games, including Vulcan Verse, a 3D MMO.

Making moves to focus on their token and make their ongoing ecosystem and game economy sustainable is a good decision by the team. Though switching a token can be a painful transition, taking the time to go back and fix an important foundation of the ecosystem is a sign of maturity from the Vulcan Forged crew, and I look forward to seeing what they bring us next!

Phil Hall has been a gaming enthusiast since birth and a crypto enthusiast since 2017. He enjoys new discoveries and sharing those with others via blogging and photography. You can follow him on Twitter or read his other articles on Medium.