On this page we bring you the latest news and information about web3 enabled FPS games!

First person shooters, or FPS games, have long been a favorite among gamers. From the early days of Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, to the genre-defining Counter Strike to Fortnite and beyond, FPS games have been a standard genre in gaming for a long time.

But now the world of web3 gaming begins to see a greater influx of FPS style games. Many offer a play to earn or play and earn opportunity. Some may require owning specific NFTs, while others are completely free to play. The available options continue to grow as more games begin development, or even begin releasing alpha and beta tests to their players!

Here are a few of the best web3 FPS games that are also free to play and available right now (though there are a lot more at various stages of development!)

Additional web3 FPS games in development that have playable alphas, betas, or demos include Deadrop, My Pet Hooligan, Citizen Conflict, Project Red, just to name a few. There are plenty of other FPS blockchain games in development.

Stay with us to keep up with the latest developments!

  • New Maps, Skins and More in Citizen Conflict 4.0

    Citizen Conflict prepares to launch alpha version 4.0 of their team-based, first-person shooter, bringing with it a new, exclusive skin, loot boxes of differing rarities, new maps, improved gameplay, and more! The game is free to play, and you can even mint common loot boxes for free! Soon, version 4.0 of Citizen Conflict will drop, […]
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  • Phantom Galaxies Launches into Early Access

    Phantom Galaxies officially launches into the early access phase of their space-based, action, MMO game! This launch not only offers new features such as a battle pass system, but it also brings Phantom Galaxies to the regular gaming world with a web2 version available exclusively through Steam! The Phantom Galaxies early access has arrived! And […]
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  • Mint Phantom Galaxies Avatars and Starfighters

    The mint is now open for the third class of Avatars and Starfighters for Phantom Galaxies! There is no gate or whitelist involved. Just head over to the website and mint as many as you like, though you will need some ASTRAFER tokens to pay for it! Minting for ‘Third Class’ Avatar and Starfighter NFTs […]
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  • Free Mint for Last Remains Equipment

    The time is nearly upon us for the Equipment mint from Last Remains, and it’s free! Equipment in Last Remains is not only cosmetic, but also provides modifications to the character’s attribute, making finding and equipping the right items a valuable part of winning the game! Last Remains, a in-development battle-royale set in a zombie-infested […]
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  • Join the Free Epic Raffle for Qorpo World

    Tickets for an epic raffle are now available through Qorpo World, offering a number of NFTs and potentially new QORPO tokens as prizes. And best of all, tickets for this raffle are free of charge! Anyone can mint free raffle tickets for the upcoming epic raffle from Qorpo World. With over $25,000 worth of prizes, […]
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  • Purchase Extraction Packs for Shrapnel Early Access

    Shrapnel is currently holding a sale for Extraction packs, which include inside of them Operators, Gear packs, early access, airdrops, and more! Prices for these Extraction Packs range from $20 to $100 and they will only be available for a limited time. Extraction Packs come in three sizes – Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each Pack […]
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  • Earn Exclusive Boss Fighters Halloween Skins

    The Halloween events are starting to arrive. And in a special event called Pumpkin Hunt, Boss Fighters players have a chance to earn two, new, Halloween themed skins. The task is pretty easy. Just play the game and destroy the golden pumpkins you see in-game! Beginning on Friday, October 20th, Boss Fighters players will have […]
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  • Pickup a Drivers Key Package for Deadrop Access

    Midnight Society, the company behind the in-development, vertical extraction shooter Deadrop, is now offering a sale for Drivers Key Packages that contain a number of items, including vehicle wraps, and also provide purchasers access to the game starting with the next snapshot! You would think that the cars and the concept of vertical extraction shooter […]
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  • Play and Earn with MetalCore Playtest

    Another MetalCore playtest begins today, and this one comes with the chance to earn some special play and earn rewards! This playtest will run for a week, and players will also be able to use the Infantry NFTs they own in-game! It’s time for a sci-fi shootout! The next Metalcore playtest is set to begin […]
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  • My Pet Hooligan Opens Public Early Access

    My Pet Hooligan launches into early access through Epic Games, bringing their Hooligan Rabbit-themed FPS to the public! In addition, in partnership with Amazon Prime Gaming, those who link their Amazon Prime accounts can receive a set of cosmetic items for free! My Pet Hooligan enters early access, letting anyone join in on the rabbit-themed […]
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