Next Game Festival Coming in March 2021

playtoearngamefestival 2021 announcement

Play to Earn is happy to announce that we will organize the second Play to Earn Game Festival in March 2021. The follow-up to the debut event that happened in the beginning of November will be bigger in every way. The venue is five times bigger, offering place for live presentations, a curated art exposition, and of course lots of gaming and fun.

The first Play to Earn Game Festival was a big success, attracting 6750 visits in the beginning of November. The event didn’t only cause a stir within the blockchain gaming community, but also attracted newcomers to this space. Play to Earn created the event from scratch, laying a foundation for things to come.

Thanks to the positive response from the community, Play to Earn will push the game festival to new heights in 2021. Literally. Because our new virtual venue offers five floors to create amazing events. And yes, that’s plural. Every quarter we will organize a new festival, aiming to create the best business-to-consumer event in the metaverse.

Next year the Play to Earn Game Festival will be the perfect moment to learn about the hottest blockchain gaming projects. Visitors can join in raffles and challenge themselves in our treasure hunt. They can socialize on our rooftop or feast their eyes on a curated gaming-themed art exposition. In addition Play to Earn will host for example an art tour, gaming live streams, and one-on-one interviews.

2021 is set to be an amazing year for us and the wider blockchain gaming community. We couldn’t be more excited! Take a look at the venue here, currently a work-in-progress.

PLAY during the festival

Our social currency PLAY will have an important role during the festival. You will be able to buy virtual merchandise for your in-world character, or maybe get some awesome art. In addition the token will be airdropped during the event, allowing newcomers and existing community member alike to claim some free tokens.

As an introduction, please get your first PLAY tokens by claiming them here. PLAY tokens are an incentive for learning and sharing knowledge about blockchain gaming and the play-to-earn business model. You need a Roll wallet to be able to claim. You will find more info about PLAY on our website.

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