Crypto Gaming Guilds for Play to Earn Games

Find out more about crypto gaming guilds in play to earn games.

Crypto gaming guilds gained popularity as NFT investors, and aspiring play-to-earn gamers saw the opportunity for both parties to benefit. A play-to-earn gaming guild is a group of players and investors, also referred to as scholars and managers, working together to share profits earned in a game.

Our guide will help you decide if a gaming guild is right for you. We also have a list of the most popular crypto gaming guilds along with the games that they offer crypto scholarships.   

Gaming Guild 101

Why use a Play-to-Earn Gaming Guild?

In a general sense, a gaming guild is a group of game players who support each other in-game and out of the game, as a community. They are an alliance in the game space and are also referred to as “clans.”

The traditional concept of gaming guilds has recently extended to play-to-earn games. Among other benefits, crypto gaming guilds provide opportunities for those who want to try play-to-earn games but find the cost of entry too high.

Here’s a typical and simplified gaming guild scenario. A guild offers “scholarship” slots to aspiring gamers. Existing guild members may then lend or “rent out” their NFTs to the so-called scholars. Scholars then enter the guild and play a specific crypto game corresponding to the rented NFT.

When the scholar player wins and earns, guild members share the profits. Typically, 10% to the guild, 20% to the managers, and 70% to the game scholars. Of course, the distribution varies per gaming guild, but you get the idea.

How and Why Did Blockchain Gaming Guilds Start?

Crypto gaming guilds began as a solution to solving the entry barrier issue with the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity. To start playing, you need to have 3 Axies. So, roughly, at the start of the game, a good Axie team with high chances of winning may cost more than $10,000.

For many aspiring players, that’s a tremendous amount of capital. So Gabby Dizon, the visionary who later co-founded the now-established Yield Guild Games, stepped in to offer a solution.

Dizon saw the gaining popularity of Axie Infinity in the Philippines as well as the high cost of entering the game. He soon decided to lend out his Axies. The renting out of the Axies is now known as “Axie scholarships.” The “rental” income would then be shared between scholars, community managers, and the guild.

Soon, others embraced the model and created their own crypto gaming guilds.

Top 5 NFT and Play-to-Earn Gaming Guilds

Currently, the top NFT gaming guilds are led by Yield Guild Games (YGG), the guild co-founded by Gabby Dizon. Other than Axie Infinity, YGG also includes Guild of Guardians, The Sandbox, and Star Atlas.

Another interesting crypto gaming guild is Merit Circle. At the time of writing, MC already has 3,750 gamers. It also offers a total of 30 games to play. The profit split is currently at 70/30, which means the guild takes 30% of the earnings, while the player keeps the rest. Merit Circle members also play Axie Infinity, along with Sidus Heroes and Vulcan Verse.

UniX, on the other hand, has 5,000+ guild members playing Axie Infinity. It also supports Splinterlands, and it’s set to add Sipher and The Sandbox for interested players. Also, a P2E gaming guild, Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) currently supports 2,032 Axie Infinity scholars. It plans to add other game titles moving forward.

Meanwhile, Good Games Guild (GGG) has been a promising blockchain gaming guild. It’s fairly new compared to the others, but it already has around a thousand gamers. As with the other guilds, it plays Axie Infinity, and then it also has Titan Hunters and Wasted Lands in its games list. GGG plans to add Cyball and Heroes Chained.

Token Prices at Gaming Guilds

Name Price24H %
Merit Circle (MC)
Yield Guild Games (YGG)
Avocado DAO (AVG)

List of Crypto Gaming Guilds



Token / Ticker

Main Games



Astra Guild Ventures


2,000 +

Avocado DAO


Axie Infinity

Thetan Arena
REVV Racing

10,000 +

Enter DAO



Good Games Guild


Axie Infinity

Wasted Lands
Sidus Heroes

1,000 +



Axie Infinity
Heroes of Mavia
Thetan Arena

Merit Circle


Vulcan Verse
Axie Infinity
Sidus Heroes
Heroes of Mavia

3,000 +

Meta DAO


Axie Infinity
Thetan Arena
Star Atlas
Big Time

Path DAO


5,000 +

Play It Forward DAO


Axie Infinity

Tank Wars Zone

3,000 +



Fancy Birds
Galaxy Fight Club
Legends of Venari
Monkey League

1,000 +

Ranker DAO


Axie Infinity

UniX Gaming


Axie Infinity
Star Atlas
The Sandbox

5,000 +

Yield Guild Games


25,000 +

Frequently Asked Questions

add remove What is a Play To Earn Gaming Guild?

A play to earn gaming guild allows new users to start playing crypto games without a large upfront investment. Guild members give scholarships to new members and then they all split the profits earned by the scholar. The usual split is 10% to the guild, 20% to the manager, and 70% to the game scholar.

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