Gods Unchained Royalty Fees

Gods Unchained is a free to play, play and earn TCG (or trading card game) that utilizes the Immutable X blockchain.

Featuring a fantasy-style, dueling game, Gods Unchained lets players own their cards as NFTs. With a daily play and earn option as well as special tournaments every weekend, Gods Unchained is true free to play / play and earn game. Starting with nothing, players can work their way up to the top ranks without ever making a purchase!

To learn more about Gods Unchained, be sure to read our Gods Unchained Game Guide to help you get started.

  • A Dread Awakening in Gods Unchained

    Collectors and players get ready because Gods Unchained just announced a new expansion, Dread Awakening, scheduled to land on April 22nd! Expanding the available card selections for this fantasy, TCG game, Dread Awakening also introduces new, powerful abilities and seven, unique, Mythic variants! A new card set, known as Dread Awakening, arrives soon in Gods […]
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  • Play to Earn Games to Watch in April

    April is upon us, and the web3 gaming scene continues to heat up with scheduled releases, token generation events, major game changes, and more! Read one to see a few games that we will plan to watch in the month of April, 2024! Tokens, tokens, tokens! It’s definitely the season for new gaming tokens. It […]
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  • Win GODS in Gods Unchained Sealed Tournament

    A new official tournament comes to Gods Unchained. This one offers at least 20K GODS tokens in rewards to players, even including chances to win just by playing! The tournament is already in progress, but it’s not too late to join in and vie for a top spot and claim tickets for your share of […]
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  • Gods Unchained Goes Mobile

    At long last, the mobile version of the Gods Unchained app has now officially been released. Now players can battle for supremacy in the arena no matter where they are! As we head into March, Gods Unchained can check the first item off of their 2024 roadmap. And that would be the official release of […]
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  • Play to Earn Games to Watch in March

    Beware the Ides of March! Or maybe not so much this year. With green flags across the board for crypto prices, successful token launches for web3 gaming, and what seems to be a little less animosity from traditional web2 gamers, things are looking up! Here are a few web3 games that we plan to watch […]
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  • Gods Unchained Reveals 2024 Roadmap

    Gods Unchained continues to move forward, revealing their roadmap for 2024 which includes the official release of the mobile client (finally!), and a new way to acquire Mythic rarity, one-of-one cards! And that’s just a couple of the items on the list. 2024 looks to be a busy year for Gods Unchained — at least […]
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  • Claim Free Web3 Prizes at Amazon Prime Gaming

    Got an Amazon Prime account? If so, then you can claim rewards from an increasing number of web3 games for free! The games included so far in this promotion inclue Mojo Melee, My Pet Hooligan, Blockchain Brawlers, Gods Unchained, and Champions Ascension! Amazon Prime Gaming’s connection to the web3 gaming world continues to grow as […]
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  • Gods Unchained Migrating to Immutable Passport

    Gods Unchained announces plans to move their login system over to the Immutable Passport, paving the way for onboarding new players in a much more seamless manner. With more games signing up to use the Immutable Passport, you might as well take this opportunity to get one for yourself! Gods Unchained has announced plans to […]
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    As October comes to an end and the Halloween festivities come to a close, we look ahead at a some games to watch in November. Expect to see more releases and playtests before the end of the year, but here are a few web3 games and game-related companies we’re watching this month — for various […]
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  • Top NFT Collections and Games this Week – October 29th

    Crypto prices are up, NFT sales see increased volumes, and mobile gaming continues to dominate our charts! Read on to find out more web3 gaming news and see who tops the game and NFT collection charts this week! Lots of excitement in the crypto space this week as Bitcoin and pretty much every other cryptocurrency […]
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