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Pegaxy Overview

With so much action building up in the Crypto gaming space, there is no better time than now to start experiencing these games as a player. Pegaxy is one title that is gaining some very good early growth in terms of users and earning capabilities.

Pegaxy is a Player v Player (PVP) horse racing game (horses based on Pegasus the mythical winged horse from Greek legend), which offers you several ways to be involved in the game and its ecosystem. On this page we will give an overview of the game to give you a good grounding on of how you can play and start earning in Pegaxy.

Pegaxy Review

Pegaxy Game PlayThe Pegaxy game play is currently in a 2D Version 1 model with race performance delivered through a RNG system (random number generator). This will soon be moving into a more graphically appealing 3D version with added skill and strategy-based elements.

Once the imminent move into Version 2 takes place the horse breeding will become even more important in terms of the better attributes for a horse through the rarer bloodlines.

There are several approaches to take when deciding how to get involved in Pegaxy:

  1. Buy a NFT horse to race (outlay cost to buy the NFT)
  2. Rent a horse to race (Smaller outlay cost to race someone else’s horse for a fixed period)
  3. Race as a Scholar (agree a percentage profit to race someone else’s horse)
  4. Breed horses to create offspring and use these horses to race
  5. Breed horses to create offspring and trade these horses on the open market
  6. Earn race yield from ownership of a Stadium (coming in Q2 2022)

Each race has 12 horses running, with the top 3 horses receiving prizes in the game reward token VIS. Currently all race positions are decided through RNG (Random Number Generator) but this will change with version 2 taking into consideration factors such as: changing environment/stadium conditions, which are linked to the attributes of each horse, the food given to a horse and the clothing gear apparel used on your horse.

The team is currently working on a manually player-controlled model for racing the horse which would add more of a skill element to the race. Once this model is implemented it will become more important to find a Skilled Scholar who can use the best strategies when managing your horse with its food and choosing which wearables to use for a particular race.

About Pegaxy

Pegaxy LogoPegaxy was founded by Ken Pham, Steve Nguyen and Corey Wilton. Each founder brings a different skillset to the project, but Steve has the most notable background being the founder of the large mobile gaming publisher Gamota (one of the biggest game publishers in Vietnam). The Pegaxy team has grown to over 50 people which shows great strength and depth to continue the roll out of the game.

The Pegaxy Beta launch was in Q4 2021 with its marketplace, rental system and breeding programmes also arriving at this time. The long-term predominant focus for gameplay will be the mobile version as this gives the most flexible way to grow the userbase and fits within the team’s previous experience.

The game development will target large scale rental programs and the growth of guilds participating in Pegaxy. This strategy will give access to the game for free to the greatest number of users.

A long-term vision is to give over governance of Pegaxy to the active community who will have control over development and game direction of Pegaxy in the future.

Pegaxy Play-to-Earn Mechanics

Pegaxy PrizesThere is more than one way to earn in the Pegaxy ecosystem. These differing approaches mean a larger pool of participants can be targeted. A daily wage can be earned in the VIS token by racing a horse as a player and by the share of winnings as an owner partnered with a Scholar.

If you want to become a breeder you can build a strategy based on breeding. You can earn this way by either selling your NFT horses for USDT or PGX or race your bred horses for VIS.

Initial Investment

Pegaxy Marketplace

  • Buy a horse from the marketplace (each horse’s value is determined by personal attributes, rarity, and bloodline) then start racing and earn VIS rewards for finishing in the top 3. The current floor price to purchase a horse is around $1500 (February 2022). All your VIS winning would be 100% yours
  • Race as a Scholar. With this system of earning, you can find a horse owner to partner with on the Pegaxy marketplace and agree a profit share of the VIS (% share decided by the owner). An example could be a share of 80-20.
  • Renting of a horse for a fixed period will give you the option to keep all the VIS earned racing that horse in that period. An example deal on the marketplace today is renting a horse for 1 month at the cost of 1600 VIS
  • If you want to take the breeding approach you will need to purchase a minimum of 1 male and 1 female Pegaxy horse. When breeding you need to consider which Bloodline and which breed type your breeding pair are.

Pegaxy Breeding System

KlinIn Pegaxy, there are 4 bloodlines:

  1. Hoz – rarest
  2. Campona – rare
  3. Klin- uncommon
  4. Zan- common

And 5 Breed types:

  1. Founding (5,000 initially minted with no more ever being generated)
  2. Legendary
  3. Epic
  4. Rare
  5. Pacer

You can breed up to a maximum of 7 generations with the most common bloodline being the dominant one when breeding the pair. The chances of breeding a male or female are random.

After breeding, Pegas need to cool-down before being able to breed again. Newborn Pegas also need to wait a cool-down period before being able to race. Each bloodline has its own cool-down times as you can see on the guides below:

Pegaxy Bloodlines
Breeding Bloodlines
Breed types
Breed Types
Cooldown Guide
Cool-down Guide

Breeding example

Male horse — Legendary type with Hoz bloodline
Female horse — Epic type with Zan bloodline
Offspring outcome — A Rare breed type with a Zan bloodline (male or female)

Breeding Cost

If you are looking to breed NFT horses to create more NFT Horse assets, you will need to understand the costs involved. There will be an initial outlay for two horses (M and F) along with a payment of VIS and PGX every time you breed a Pega.

Breed Count

Breed number

VIS cost

PGX cost





























It should be noted that these figures may change depending on the games economic balance. The VIS and PGX amount per breed may change in the future.

Pegaxy Rewards System

PGX token cycleVIS token is the in-game reward currency which players receive from finishing in the top 3. The prize pool for a chosen race is shown before you start, and an example pool would be 175 VIS.

Each Horse has energy levels which start at 25/25. Each time your horse races you lose 1 energy point, and it takes 1 hour not racing to reclaim that 1 point. To get the best returns on racing an individual horse you should look to race them the maximum number of times possible every day.

If you are earning a passive income from either renting or profit sharing of your horses with Scholars, you will be paid in VIS. A fixed amount of VIS (amount dictated by you) can be paid to you after an initial rental agreement of your horse is agreed.

A profit share agreement will give you a passive income as the scholar races your horse each day, with you taking your agreed cut in VIS from any rewards won.

Pegaxy Tokens

The Pegaxy ecosystem is comprised of two tokens: PGX and VIS.

PGX is the governance token with the following utilities:

  • Breeding fee
  • Purchasing of Pega on the marketplace
  • Staking of PGX to get a Yield
  • Large tournament rewards
  • It can be traded on exchanges

VIS is the game reward token with utilities as follows:

  • It is minted whenever a race takes place and awarded to the Top 3 players
  • It is needed to be spent as a cost of breeding and 100% of that VIS is burnt It is used to pay for renting of a horse
  • It can be traded on exchanges

The key for this ecosystem to work is the balancing of VIS minted against the amount of VIS burned. At present they have this working well with people earning a very healthy income from racing their horses.

The amount if VIS tokens minted and burned can be tracked on the official Apollo Dashboard.

How to Get Started

All you need to do is connect a wallet to the site (e.g Metamask wallet) and make sure you have the Polygon chain set up on it.

Once you are connected to the site you can interact with the marketplace to either apply to be a Scholar and start racing without a NFT asset or start purchasing NFTs to play the game.

Tips for a Good Start in Pegaxy

Pegaxy LobbyLet’s run through a possible strategy to use with Pegaxy….

This following strategy is a floor price entry which covers breeding and a Scholar profit sharing system.

First you need to find and purchase 1 male and 1 female common Pacer horse with rounded attribute levels. These horses should have a breed level of 0 which means they can have the most generations of offspring.

Due to the rising scale of breeding costs, you should look to breed 3 generations of Pega which will leave you with a total of 6 horses. Your hope should be to get lucky and breed 2 males and 2 females to give you the opportunity for more breeding pairs (These horses are robotic so rules against family breeding are obsolete here!).

Once you have 6 horses in your stable you should look to sell 1 horse to recoup the breeding costs you spent with VIS and PGX.

You can now find a Scholar to race your remaining 5 horses and with current market conditions a competitive profit share deal would be either 80-20 or 90-10 split. You can find a Scholar or Scholars by advertising on Pegaxy’s marketplace or by privately searching in the community. It is imperative that your Scholar participates in the maximum number of races they can complete in each day with the horses under their control.

There is a 15 day lock up period on your VIS earnings, after this time period has played out you can either take your VIS profits out of the ecosystem by swapping them for a stable coin like USDT, or reinvest the VIS back into the game to breed more horses. In the future you will have the option to use your VIS profits to upgrade your horses through food and wearables with the goal of increasing your horse’s win rate.

The aim of this strategy is to get your initial investment recovered in the quickest time possible. At present people have been finding this takes around 5 weeks.

Pegaxy Video Overview

Pegaxy Closing Thoughts

PGX Token Release
PGX Token Release Schedule

Pegaxy presents a very simple game model for anyone wanting to dip their toes into the play to earn gaming world. With the coming introduction of many more features to make the game more strategy and skill based it can only become more appealing for game participants and less of a grind.

The game is based on the tried and tested Axie Infinity model, which bodes well for the game retaining players for a long period of time. At present the game offers the opportunity for scholars to earn a living and investors to earn very good passive income on their horse NFT assets. The Discord community is sitting at over 90k and the demand for horses is high as the number of scholars looking to race them outweighs the amount available.

The roadmap for the game is full of detail of upcoming events such as stadium sales, the change to 3D from 2D and the mobile game launch.

It is important to understand the change of game dynamics that will take place once the new more complex features are added. Once food, wearables, stadium conditions and player-controlled racing commences you will need to have vetted your Scholars to find the best skilled ones to race for you. If you are racing yourself you need to consider it will be harder to earn the yield you are accustomed to from the existing RNG system.

Given there are a lot of positives you should still be cautious when approaching this game and investing in assets. The game has around 11k active daily players at present, so the game economic model hasn’t been tested with a large user base yet. The horse prices are directly linked to the price of VIS which is riding at all time highs so to buy a horse at the minute you will be paying a premium. Once the demand to breed horses dies down the developers must find a way to control inflation of VIS by keeping the demand to burn VIS in other ways. This needs to be monitored.

One final note to be aware of is the team and private sale investors vesting periods are very short – 12 months locked then the following 12 months tokens are released periodically each month. If you compare to a project like Axie Infinity, their team and their investors had a 65-month token vesting period and then the upcoming Heroes of Mavia team and investors have a 5-year vesting period. Does this show a lack of long-term commitment to the project from the team?

There is no denying that people are making very good money through passive playing and the scholars demand to play is high. With all the impending updates this game has a lot of growth potential, if they continue to maintain the stable economic model they have built so far.

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