Best Free Play-to-Earn Games of 2022

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What are free play-to-earn games?

Free Play-to-Earn games are revolutionizing the gaming industry and for good reason. These are games that run on the blockchain and that allow users to earn rewards just for engaging with the game itself. 

Blockchain-based play-to-earn games are changing the paradigm of the gaming industry. The non-fungible tokens used inside the game are registered on the blockchain and enter into the ownership of the user. And, best of all, these types of games are improving every year. 

What game is bound to be the most profitable for you? What are the best-designed P2E games in 2022? In our comprehensive article, we will look at your best options. 

Best free play-to-earn games

Tank Battle

Best for: Casual gaming
Tank Battle

The Tank Battle website

What is Tank Battle?

Tank Battle is a strategy game that features various tanks battling against each other.

How does Tank Battle work?

Players begin the game by selecting a cartoon tank to use for battle. Each Tank is an NFT that can be upgraded through gameplay and then sold and traded with other players.

Before battle, players can arrange their tanks for maximum efficiency. The game’s actual battle mode pits tanks against each other while they shoot it out. The first player to destroy all opposing tanks wins.

Tank Battle tokens

Tank Battle uses the $TBL coin to allow players to purchase new tanks and tank parts within the game.

Tank Battle cryptocurrency and price

One $TBL token is currently valued at $0.003329 as of the time of this writing.

Tank Battle NFTs

The Tank Battle Tanks themselves are the NFTs of the game. Different tanks have different rarities as well as power scores and levels that affect their in-game performance.

Tank NFTs are also separated into several different categories including light and heavy tanks, as well as destroyer and support tanks. Players can mix and match tank types for best performance in battle.

Pros and cons of Tank Battle


  • The game reward players with several tanks upon signing up
  • The game is fun for its own sake, even if players are not earning
  • There is a balanced strategy component to the gameplay


  • Tank Battle is still just in its alpha release
  • Tanks are stationary and can’t be freely moved by players during battle
  • The $TBL coin market cap is significantly off its all-time highs


Best for: Metaverse

What is Upland?

Upland is a blockchain game that capitalizes on the emerging genre of real estate games. These, in turn, play with the concept of The Metaverse as a borderless virtual universe. 

Almost $2 million have been spent by users acquiring virtual land in Upland. The game is free to play, even though more desirable properties will require you to dig into your wallet. 

How does Upland work?

The Upland map corresponds to areas in the real world. Users get to collect and trade properties or find additional rewards through treasure hunts. The game started with a map of only a few cities. As the properties began finding new owners, the map expanded. 

The goal is to find either free properties to claim or purchase properties from other users. Profit is earned through trading these properties or engaging in various events. Additionally, owners can receive passive income when their property is visited by another user or when they complete various achievements.

Upland tokens

UPX is the native token in Upland. All trades are conducted using it. UPX can be purchased directly from the platform using fiat or crypto.

Upland cryptocurrency and price

UPX is only a utility token. It is used to purchase NFTs in the game. Although it functions on the blockchain, it cannot be traded outside of the game. 

Upland NFTs

The properties are represented by NFTs that run on the EOS blockchain. These properties are located in areas spread across the 13 cities available in the game. Their location and characteristics, as in real life, make some NFTs more valuable than others

Pros and cons of Upland


  • The map is expanding, and users can find free properties
  • The game has grown at a steady space
  • There are numerous events hosted by developers


  • Once a city is announced, properties go out quickly
  • You may need to pay up in order to purchase valuable NFTs
  • It faces competition from games like The Sandbox and Decentraland

Voxie Tactics

Best for: Tactical RPG
voxie tactics

The Voxie Tactics website

What is Voxie Tactics?

Voxie Tactics is a play-to-earn turn-based RPG. Players play as blocky “Voxie” characters to explore and battle in a block-based retro world.

How does Voxie Tactics work?

The game offers players two different game modes — Explore — where players can learn more about the story and lore of the game, and Battle — where the action happens!

Battle mode is the bread and butter of Voxie Tactics and it includes Voxie avatars fighting it out in teams of 2 – 7 against real players and against non-playable characters (NPCs). During battle, players take turns attacking, moving, and equipping different weapons and armor. The type of attack a Voxie uses, along with the items equipped and the direction of the attack, all play a role in how much damage is dealt. These factors combine to give the game its deep strategy.

Battle modes are not just about battling… objectives such as rescuing a hostage or reaching a certain point on the map are also available.

Voxie Tactics tokens

  • voxies
  • Voxies
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $40.8 M

Voxie Tactics uses the $VOXEL token. This token can be purchased on the open market or earned through in-game play.

$VOXEL can be used in the Voxie Tactics game to purchase, trade, and loan in-game assets, as well as to infuse crafted items. $VOXEL is also used to enter special Voxie Tactics PvP arenas.

Any $VOXEL earned from in-game activity can be sold on the open market which makes Voxie Tactics a great way to start earning crypto from scratch.

Voxie Tactics cryptocurrency and price

The $VOXEL token can be used to purchase most in-game items. The current price for $VOXEL is $0.43.

Voxie Tactics NFTs

The Voxie Tactics NFTs are the blocky Voxie characters themselves that players play as in the game. While not necessary to start, purchasing a Voxie can unlock additional benefits such as better rewards through gameplay and access to unique weapons and items in-game. Voxies can be purchased through the official Voxie Marketplace.

Pros and cons of Voxie Tactics


  • Great gameplay for a free-to-play game
  • The developers have a commitment to maintaining a balance between free and paid gameplay
  • Unique RPG mechanics that are not available in other play-to-earn games


  • Still in development, with a playable demo available
  • Only on PC — more platforms expected to come out later in 2022
  • Has a bit of a learning curve due to the depth of the gameplay.

The Sandbox

Best for: Creatives
The Sandbox

The concept of the Metaverse has indeed entered the public consciousness during the past couple of years. The Sandbox is one of the crypto projects that has done the most to align itself with the idea and create a solid fanbase. The Sandbox is a play-to-earn game that utilizes NFTs, blockchain technology, and DeFi. Furthermore, it is a game that will enthrall highly imaginative gamers. 

In The Sandbox, gamers contribute to creating a virtual world. They not only help shape this world but also improve their characters and interact with other users. This is done using the game’s non-fungible tokens. 

The LAND token allows users to purchase real estate in the game. Users can also create their own items, known as ASSETS, using the game’s 3D rendering tool. They can also opt to sell those for SAND, the game’s native token, on The Sandbox’s own marketplace. 

The game was created in 2011 by Animica Brands. Its gameplay has been compared to the mainstream powerhouse game Minecraft. Another important play-to-earn competitor is Decentraland. Still, The Sandbox looks to have taken a considerable head start in the ever-evolving genre of Metaverse games. 

How does The Sandbox work?

As the name would suggest, The Sandbox is a game in which users are encouraged to create a virtual world from the ground up. The concept of The Metaverse itself is that of an alternative reality that can be constructed by and for internet users. 

At the heart of the game is LAND. This token provides proof of ownership over a plot of land in the game. The owner of this can use the parcel as they see fit. In order to use the plot of land to its total capacity, users will need various items. They are able to create those from scratch using the VoxEdit 3D graphics editor. 

The items that are created are known as ASSETS. These can be utilized or sold on the market in exchange for SAND, the native token of the game. SAND exists in a limited amount of three billion. Furthermore, the SAND token can be used in the governance process. Ideally, there are no limits to what can be done in The Sandbox. 

The Sandbox tokens

  • the-sandbox
  • The Sandbox
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $990.51 M

The Sandbox features two primary tokens, SAND and LAND. They require different types of wallets. SAND is the primary token. It is used to transact game items. This is an ERC-20 token. It is traded on high-profile exchanges such as Binance or KuCoin. SAND is currently valued at around $1.2 per unit. Predictions, however, suggest that the value could increase. 

Besides these two, users are also able to create ASSETS. These are NFTs that exist as ERC-721 tokens. 

The Sandbox cryptocurrency and price

While The Sandbox is free to play, users will most likely need to purchase plots of land in order to advance in the game. Prices for LAND, currently, start at around 1.33 ETH.

The Sandbox NFTs

As previously mentioned, there are a number of NFTs used by the game. ASSETS are tokens created and minted by the users. They are ERC-1155 tokens. They are made using the software tool VoxEdit. These are tradable using the SAND token. 

Pros and cons of The Sandbox


  • The Sandbox capitalizes on the public’s fascination with The Metaverse
  • It already has acquired a sizeable fanbase
  • The game encourages users’ creativity through the use of self-designed NFTs


  • The game is free to play. However, users will need to purchase LAND in order to receive the full benefits of it
  • The game’s graphics and functionality are still being developed
  • Decentraland, its main rival, has fewer game tokens and a larger market cap for its native token.
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Best for: Card trading games

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a browser-based blockchain game in which users get to create a deck of magical creatures and battle against an opponent. Each deck contains seven cards. In order to win, users need to find the best combination while considering the characteristics of each NFT. 

Splinterlands has attracted a good deal of attention lately. This has even led  to a high-profile partnership with Warner Music Group (WMG)

How does Splinterlands work?

Splinterlands is similar to that of other PvP games in the style of Hearthstone. Users aim to create an ideal deck and take part in ranked battles against opponents. Their goal is to earn DEC (Dark Energy Crystals). 

It bears mentioning that while the game is free, users will need to purchase a Summoner’s Spellbook before they can start earning. 

Splinterlands tokens

  • splinterlands
  • Splintershards
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $6.95 M

The DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) are at the heart of the game mechanics in Splinterlands. These are used to purchase NFTs or offered as rewards. 

Splinterlands cryptocurrency and price

One DEC unit is worth around $0.0006. These can be purchased, earned in the game, or even obtained by burning Splinterlands cards. 

Splinterland NFTs

Each NFT in Splinterland has unique characteristics. They belong to various categories (e.g., Fire, Water, Dragon, etc.) and vary based on rarity. 

Pros and cons of Splinterlands


  • The game has received a good deal of attention recently
  • It is browser-based and very easy to begin playing 
  • The price of cards is not very high yet


  • You must purchase a $10 Spellbook to start earning
  • There are numerous games of this type available
  • Its system of using three in-game tokens may become confusing to novice users
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Gods Unchained

Best for: Fantasy-themed games
Gods Unchained

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a blockchain-based card trading game. It is, in some ways, a crypto-alternative to the highly-esteemed Magic: The Gathering. The fantasy-themed game has already attracted over 65,000 users making it one of the most popular crypto-games of all time. 

How does Gods Unchained work?

The objective of the game is to create the ideal combination of cards for your deck. The game starts you off with 140 free cards from which you can choose. You will use your deck to battle other opponents and to earn rewards. In order to start earning, you will need to win a minimum of battles. 

Gods Unchained tokens

  • gods-unchained
  • Gods Unchained
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $62.08 M

The token used in the game is called GODS. This is an Ethereum-based token and can be used to trade cards on the game’s marketplace. 

Gods Unchained cryptocurrency and price

GODS is currently valued at $0.46. The tokens are of great use when attempting to create a competitive deck. 

Gods Unchained NFTs

The objective of the game is to create a deck of powerful NFTs and starve out your opponents’ Gods of energy. There are nearly 200 cards that can be purchased using Ethereum. 

Pros and cons of Gods Unchained


  • The game sets you up with a number of cards for free
  • Taking part in many battles assures you’ll climb up the ranks
  • The game has a large community of players


  • It’s available exclusively on the Ethereum blockchain
  • You may need to pay for the best cards
  • There are numerous fantasy-themed card trading games
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Crazy Defense Heroes

Best for: Tower defense
Crazy defense heroes

The Crazy Defense Heroes Website

What is Crazy Defense Heroes?

Crazy Defense Heroes is a play-to-earn tower defense game. Players complete levels by holding out against waves of enemies through combined strategy and battle elements in a top-down match.

How does Crazy Defense Heroes work?

Like traditional tower defense games, Crazy Defense Heroes pits the player against onslaughts of enemies that they must defend against. To win, players must use a combination of towers placed around the game map which attack enemies, as well as a host of playable characters that can do the same. Different types of towers and characters deal different amounts of damage to enemies depending on their traits.

Upon successfully completing a level, players earn the $TOWER token. This token can be sold on the open market.

Players can also become a part of a clan. Clans incentivize players to trade with each other, and the more active a clan is, the more in-game rewards they will automatically earn. 

Crazy Defense Heroes tokens

Crazy Defense Heroes uses the $TOWER token. This token can be earned from gameplay through beating levels, completing daily challenges, and taking part in official events.

$TOWER can be spent to purchase game card NFTs and enter tournaments that charge entry fees with much more functionality anticipated in the future. $TOWER also acts as a governance token for the Crazy Defense Heroes ecosystem.

Crazy Defense Heroes cryptocurrency and price

The $TOWER token is currently trading at $0.003557 on the open market.

Crazy Defense Heroes NFTs

In addition to in-game towers and characters, Crazy Defense Heroes adds an element of strategy to each game through their game card NFTs. Game cards are used to upgrade in-game towers, weapons, and characters. Each card is upgradeable for increased efficiency during games.

As NFTs, these cards are able to be sold and traded. Players can play the game to upgrade their cards and then sell them on an NFT marketplace to profit. Alternatively, players looking to drop some cash before they start playing can purchase upgraded cards that ensure they remain competitive even significantly far into the game.

Pros and cons of Crazy Defense Heroes


  • The $TOWER token is part of a broader Tower Platform that also includes the play-to-earn game Crazy Kings
  • Uses the Polygon blockchain so gas fees are much lower than on Ethereum
  • Can be played fully for free


  • The $TOWER token value is significantly less than it was at its peak, making this game less profitable to play
  • NFTs make a significant difference in gameplay, so players who have invested will beat new players every time
  • The game documentation is not very well fleshed out and can be confusing for new players
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Best for: First-person shooter

The website

What is is a play-to-earn first-person shooter (FPS) running on the Solana network. Similar in style to traditional FPS games such as Halo, offers familiar game mechanics with a play-to-earn twist.

How does work?

Players can jump in and play directly in their browser by visiting the website. As soon as the game loads, players will be able to load into a game by selecting the gamemode they want to play and simply clicking anywhere on the screen.

Characters can be customized to accommodate playing style. Guns and grenades can be picked out before a match, and each character has several abilities they can deploy in-game that provide more dynamic gameplay.

The game is built on the Solana blockchain and provides crypto rewards for every single kill that a player gets. Equipping unique player and weapon skins will yield more crypto rewards per kill. Playing with style through achieving chain kills and killing sprees will also up the amount earned. tokens

The game rewards players through the off-chain “e” token.

Players can cash this token out by converting it to Solana’s $SOL token and selling it on the open market. The conversion between “e” and $SOL depends on a number of factors such as the aforementioned weapons and armor equipped, whether the game was a loss or victory for the player, and also the global earn rate of the game which itself depends on how many sponsors the game has at any given point in time.

According to the website, the latest figures of the “e” to $SOL conversion are available through the Discord. NFTs

Certain armor and weapons are available as NFTs in the universe. Players can browse through these items in the official Collection Explorer and can actually purchase them through the Fractal marketplace.

Equipped NFT armor and weapons gain power every time players achieve kills with them. This in turn allows the game to reward players with more “e” anytime these items are equipped. Power levels stay with the NFT, meaning that players who achieve high power levels on their NFTs through gameplay can sell them for a good sum, while new players looking to jump in and invest in the game can purchase high-level items to start out with from other players.

Player NFTs can also be lent out to other players. This allows NFT owners to earn from their NFTs without even playing the actual game.

Pros and cons of


  • is one of the few fully-featured FPS games on the blockchain
  • Crypto is awarded for every kill
  • Experienced game studio with sustainable web2 model is behind this game — which helps provide longevity to the project


  • Graphics are cartoonish, as the game is browser-based
  • Earning potential is pretty low, especially with the recent volatility of the Solana blockchain
  • Earning is strictly skill-based so the best players earn the most and new players have to grind it out
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