Trading card games (TCG) on the blockchain are among the most popular types of games within the NFT and blockchain gaming space. The genre gives players full ownership over digital cards. Players can use these in-game, or sell them on the open market. Trading card games allow players to create a deck that combines powers of individual cards into a strong attacking or defensive move. At the same time the TCG genre offers a wide variety of mechanics for deck building. 

Magic The Gathering is obviously the biggest brand when it comes to trading cards. However, in the world of videos games there are also several others. Think about for example Hearthstone and Gwent, based on the Warcraft and The Witcher franchises.

Most cards in a trading card game have a couple of attributes. First of all they cost a certain amount of mana to summon. On top of that they have strength, defense/armor, and perhaps magic. In addition many cards often have special powers that add new tactical layers to a match.

Trading card games on the blockchain:

  • Burn DEC for Splinterlands Rewards

    Splinterlands brings us a special, 5 year anniversary, token burning event called ‘The Great Burning’. This event will give players an opportunity to burn DEC tokens and earn rewards in the process! It’s been five years since Splinterlands first sold their Alpha packs on the Steem network. And to celebrate they are bringing us a […]
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  • Gods Unchained Releases 2023 Roadmap

    Gods Unchained releases a 2023 roadmap, outlining some of their plans of the year. This includes new game modes, improved player experiences, and the launch of the Gods Unchained mobile app! The Gods Unchained team has undergone a number of upheavals over the years. From several organizational restructures to a branching off into the development […]
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  • First Dual Element Card in Splinterlands

    A new promo card will arrive soon in Splinterlands. This card, Zyriel, is the first tradeable card to have the Weapons Training ability, and the first ever Splinterlands card to have two elements! And as a creature of both Light and Dark, Zyriel is sure to see many a battle! Another promo card sale is […]
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  • Splinterlands Drops Info About Land Gameplay

    At long last, Splinterlands reveals a number details about their plans for Land gameplay. The first phase will only include some of the functionality, but there is already a lot to unpack! There is a lot of information in the newly released docs outlining Splinterlands’ plans for the first phase of their land gameplay (what […]
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  • Gods Unchained New Set – Band of the Wolf

    Gods Unchained prepares to release their latest set, known as Band of the Wolf. Available only for four weeks, and limited in the number of packs available, Band of the Wolf introduces thirty-eight new cads to the game as well as a new ability and a ‘crafting’ system. The next card set for Gods Unchained […]
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  • Gods Unchained Pre-Alpha Mobile Test

    Gods Unchained moves into their first public pre-alpha for their new mobile client. Beginning on February 24th, 2023, invited players can try out the Gods Unchained gameplay on their Android device, and provide feedback to help the team fix bugs and improve the experience! The web3 space is hitting the mobile gamers from both sides. […]
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  • Parallel Closed Alpha Opens Soon

    Another alpha arrives soon! This one from the sci-fi themed, TCG, Parallel. Though only open to those who receive invites, early access applications for Parallel are open to everyone. Parallel has been steadily dropping new packs every few months. And now, at last, collectors can see those cards in action during the early access, closed […]
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  • Cross the Ages Opens Marketplace on Immutable X

    Cross the Ages, a collectible card game, announces a new marketplace for their collectible cards on Immutable X. This move brings a gas-free option for players collecting NFTs, and puts another feather in the hat of Immutable X! Another game joins the ever-growing crowd on Immutable X. Cross the Ages, a collectible card game announced […]
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  • Power-up DEC Batteries in Splinterlands

    Today, Splinterlands opens up the sale of DEC Batteries, or DEC-B. These batteries allow players to lock DEC tokens away, while spending only 80% of the value in the battery. Sort of like a locked savings account, DEC-B provides an opportunity to get extra value from your DEC tokens. Today marks the beginning of the […]
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  • Dark Country Reveals Roadmap for 2023

    Being based in Ukraine has caused some trouble for the Dark Country team over the past year. But they still work onwards, recently revealing their plans in a roadmap for 2023. These plans include a mobile version, as well as new card expansions! Dark Country recently released their roadmap for 2023. The bulk of which […]
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