Privacy Policy

Who we are

Play to Earn is an online platform about blockchain technology, gaming, crypto art and digital collectibles. We focus on non-fungible tokens and have to ambition to educate our audience. Despite good intentions, we can’t be held responsible for misunderstanding or mistakes made in our editorial piece. As always, do your own research. In addition, we don’t provide investment advice, we merely reflect on the market as it is.

Data we collect


We collect the data that users leave behind when they post a comment to an article. This includes data provided by the user and the user’s IP address. We use this data to battle spam. However, we don’t allow comments at the moment and visitors have no easy way to create a login.

When the user is using Gravitar, an anonymous string based on their email address can be send to the Gravitar service. Their privacy policy you can find here: – After approval of your comment, your profile picture will be viewable by the public.


Registered users or bloggers need to make sure that uploaded images don’t contain EXIF GPS data. Photos taken by a smartphone, or sometimes even advanced cameras, embed location data into a photo. This information can be found by website visitors. Remove this data by copy pasting the photo into for example GIMP and altering the image.


After leaving a comment you can store your data. We allow you to do this for your convenience. These so-called cookies are valid for one year, after which they are automatically terminated. If you would login to the website, a cookie will be used to check whether your browser accepts cookies. However, this particular cookie does not contain personal data and gets removed as soon as you close the browser.

After logging in, cookies are stored with your login information. This login data stays on the server for 2 days. However, personalisation data stays for one year. If you would select “remember me”, login data is stored for two weeks instead. After logging out, data will be removed.

When you edit or publish a message, an extra cookie will be stored in your browser. This cookie doesn’t contain personal data, but only the post ID of your article. This cookie expires after one day.

Embedded content from third parties

The website can contain embedded content from third party websites like for example videos, images or other things. Embedded content acts the same as when a user visits that particular website. That means that these website can gather data about visitors of Play to Earn, they can use cookies, or track your usage of that particular platform through tracking cookies.


We are using Google Analytics to monitor the traffic of our website.

Sharing data

We don’t share personal data with third parties. However, we do use user data to for example make reports for commercial needs. These reports are general in nature and are never about individual users. We aren’t even capable of tracking individual users, and we don’t have the ambition to do so. In the end we want to know for example how many people read our website and how often they do that.

How long do we keep data?

When users leave a message, that message can potentially be stored forever. However, users can delete their own message and when needed – based on request (robert AT nederob DOT nl) we can remove comments for you.

Users that register to our website, will also leave personal information like for example a name and an email address. All users can add, edit or remove personal data from their user profile at all time. However, the username stays.

Your rights

According to European law you can request an export file with all your personal data. You can also request that we remove your personal data. Unless we have business transactions, like for example buying products, we aren’t required to keep your data anyway.

Where do we send your data?

Comments can be scanned by bots. But we don’t actively send individual user data anywhere.

Contact information

social AT playtoearn DOT online

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Robert Hoogendoorn is a gamer and blockchain enthusiast. He got in touch with crypto in 2014, but the fire really lit in 2017. Professionally he's a content optimization expert and worked for press agencies and video production companies, always with a focus on the video games & tech industry. He's a content manager and creator at heart, started the Play to Earn Online Magazine in early 2020.