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Play to Earn Games to Watch in March

Beware the Ides of March! Or maybe not so much this year. With green flags across the board for crypto prices, successful token launches for web3 gaming, and what seems to be a little less animosity from traditional web2 gamers, things are looking up! Here are a few web3 games that we plan to watch in the month of March 2024.

There is a lot happening in the world of web3 gaming lately. Here are just a couple of projects that we plan to watch this month. And not necessarily because they are the biggest or brightest stars. Read on to see which games we’re talking about and why!

Heroes of Mavia

February was a huge month for Heroes of Mavia. Their play to airdrop campaign was widely successful, ultimately distributing MAVIA tokens to over 50,000 wallets in what was one of the largest airdrops in the history of web3 gaming!

Then they closed the month with the launch of their player-run DAO and the announcement of their intention to use Base as their layer 2 scaling solution! Their first DAO proposal is already up for voting. We’ll be keeping an eye on Heroes of Mavia to see what sort of further information they have for us about their integration with Base, and to see if they can maintain the momentum they have with this rocket launch of a start!

Gods Unchained

The Gods Unchained mobile app has finally arrived! Players can now collect, battle, and earn, all through the convenience of their mobile device. With versions for both iOS and Androids, Gods Unchained has most devices covered. Will this be the impetus that Gods Unchained needs to build a larger, growing playerbase? It’s too early to tell yet, but we’ll keep an eye on Gods Unchained this month to see how things progress.

And according to the recent 2024 roadmap, this is just the beginning for Gods Unchained. Expect to see a lot more from this free to play, play and earn, TCG game this year!

Gods Unchained roadmap banner

Chicken Derby

Chicken Derby is set to launch their BAWK token this month. And while passive, web-based racing games were once hot in the web3 gaming scene, it feels like the playerbase has moved on to flashier and fancier things.

But gaming tokens have been hot overall this year. And since this isn’t an airdrop, there shouldn’t be much token dumping initially. BAWK will become the primary game currency, used to enter races, and sent out as rewards to those who place, providing an immediate use-case for the token. It will be interesting to see how the BAWK token price reacts after launch.

We don’t have an official date yet for the token launch. Just, sometime in March.


Influence, the on-chain, space-based MMO, is currently in pre-release testing, offering up bounties of SWAY tokens to those who complete certain in-game actions, as well as content creators for putting together guides, walk-throughs, or other useful, Influence-related media!

The mainnet game of Influence is already partially launched. Players can login, set up their character stories and traits, and do long-range scans of asteroids. The pre-release contains the rest of the basic game, including construction, manufacturing, travel, and more. Once the team is pleased with the state of pre-release, the full mainnet launch won’t be far behind.

Is there a strong enough market for this rather technically-oriented MMO? The closest comparison, Eve Online, has been popular for decades. Will Influence be able to attract and hold a dedicated playerbase as well?

The pre-release playtest is free to play. Head over to to earn some SWAY tokens.

And that’s not all…

Of course this is not all that will be happening with web3 gaming this month. Splinterlands has revamped their league and reward structure, Funtico is holding a contest for whitelist spots for their upcoming Summoner sale, and more!

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