Strategy blockchain games require skillful thinking and planning to achieve victory. The strategy can happen either in real-time or through turn-based gameplay. There’s a strong emphasis and strategic moves, tactical positioning and logistical challenges. In addition players need to optimize the use of their resources to overcome for example economic challenges.

We can divide strategy gaming into a four sub-genres, and often there’s some overlap between them. First of all a game uses either turn-based or real-time gameplay, with either a focus on strategy (often more based on resources, types of units etc.) or on tactics (positioning, and focus on combat).

In tactical games players often have a set amount of available characters, which need to be placed properly. Good placement will influence the way these characters can use their power during battle. However, strategy games rely much more on unit management, resource management and of course time management.

Blockchain strategy games:

  • Axie Lunar New Year and Budget Axies Events

    For a little extra encouragement to play Axie Origins, Axie Infinity opens a special Lunar New Year event as well as a ‘Budget Axies’ event. Both of these are free to enter, and the Lunar New Year event offers rewards for just playing the game! Hot off their launch of Season Two of Axie Origins, […]
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  • Voxie Tactics Reveals Upcoming Changes

    Voxie Tactics revealed some information about upcoming changes to this fantasy-themed, strategic battle game. Changes include a new Dragon class, Bone Chests with Dragon-themed items, a VOXEL airdrop, and the first PvE content! Voxie Tactics unveiled their plans for upcoming changes to their strategic battle game, which includes new classes for some existing characters, a […]
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  • Mojo Melee Bowl Invitational Tournament

    Mojo Melee brings us an announcement about their first Mojo Bowl Invitational Tournament. With a special NFT for every participant, and a 5,000 USDC prize pool, the competition for this tournament should be fierce! Mojo Melee began weekend alpha tests a couple of months ago. They also recently hosted a small, charity tournament in December. […]
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  • Axie Infinity: Origins Season 2 Launch

    Axie Infinity has announced Season 2 of Origins, a game involving cards where users compete with Axies. Recall that season one of Axie Infinity: Origins was kicked off in early September with a prize pool of 112,000 AXS tokens, 6,750 of those going to the first-place finisher! The NFT-based game offered more than 1.5M USD worth of […]
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  • CityStates: Medieval Test Event Details

    CityStates: Medieval has announced a new test event to let users access the servers for beta purposes. Citing improvement and the addition of key features, the announcement also reminded users that the game may still need some more fixes. City States: Medieval is a cross-platform game still in development, aiming to build a complete player-controlled […]
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  • Axie Infinity Releases Homeland

    Axie Infinity releases homeland which brings land owners the very first land gameplay experience. This is an early alpha build but it already looks great. Finally, after more than three years of waiting, landowners are going to be able to play on their $1,000 USD land plots. Axie Infinity: Homeland is available for all landholders […]
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  • A First Look at Era7: Game of Truth

    Since Era7 has maintained a top 10 spot in the most active games list for the past several weeks, it’s time for us to take a first look as this tactical, deck building auto-battle game. Connected to the Binance Chain, Era7 is a combination deck building and turn-based, auto-battler game. Era7 features a rather surreal […]
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  • Blockchain Brawlers Launches Year End Inferno

    Blockchain Brawlers does not stop and launches the Year End Inferno Event as an early Christmas gift for its community. Players will be able to burn their low-tier NFTs to get some rare assets in their collection. This might be the opportunity to finally get a Rusty Mint #1! The event started on December 22nd […]
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  • Aurory Beta Video Review

    In this Aurory Video Review we will cover everything that is new in the Open Beta which just started. Now every player can play and earn tokens in multiplayer mode. This is the opportunity many players were waiting for to get a head start in this Solana game. How to play? About Aurory Aurory is […]
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  • Axie Infinity’s Christmas Event has Started

    Sky Mavis wants to keep its players busy during the holidays! For that, the Axie Infinity’s Christmas Event has started and will last until January 3rd. This event will allow players to get the new Axie accessories, which is going to be a brand new feature in the ecosystem. Axie Trainers will get an accessory […]
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