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Illuvium recently dropped an announcement about Illuvium Beyond, a combination PFP collection and NFT gathering game. Now they unveil more details about their plans for this fourth layer of the ever growing Illuvium universe!

Illuvium continues to expand their offerings, bringing Illuvitars and a new game, Illuvium Beyond, to a website near you! You can read the full official post here, but I’ll try and sum up and cover all the key points here.

Illuvium Beyond centers around Illuvitars. These are collectible, PFP type NFTs, that can be customized! Illuvitars are hand-drawn representations of Illuvials from the Illuvium world. They arrive with random backgrounds and facial expressions, but the real uniqueness will come from each player’s customization choices. Illuvitars have five accessory slots. These are head, body, skin, eyes, and prop. Illuvitars aslo come with special finishes, or shines — color and holo. Holo is the rarest of them all.

The power rating of an Illuvitar is determined by its rarity, and the rarity of the equipment it’s wearing. Bonding, or equipping an Illuvitar with an item is a permanent transformation. Potentially, there will be a future option to replace accessories, but at the start, each slot is a one-time action, so choose your accessories wisely!

accessorize your Illuvitar
accessorize your Illuvitar

How to Acquire Illuvitars and Accessories

Illuvium will soon hold a sale for D1sk packs. These come in Standard and Mega versions. Each one contains a random Illuvitar and three accessories. In addition, the standard disk contains an extra, Tier 0 Illuvitar, while the Mega pack includes an extra, rare Illuvitar. Mega packs also have increased odds of finding higher rarity items.

Some of the D1sk packs will be marked as ‘alpha’ packs, but it seems that otherwise they are the same as the regular packs. Prices are 0.0005 ETH for a Standard pack and 0.025 for a Mega. Alpha packs are 5x the regular price.

Illuvitars will be sold in waves, with 25 different Illuvials available during this first wave. You can see the potential contents in this first pack sale at

The first wave sale begins on March 7th. Illuvium is planning a launch party, though we don’t yet have a specific time for the party or the sale. Follow Illuvium’s social media channels and stay tuned for further details. (Illuvium Twitter, and Discord)

D1sk pack contents
D1sk pack contents

Collections and Leaderboards

Collections and Leaderboards are the gaming side of this release. Players complete collections by placing their owned Illuvitars into an album. Illuvitars can be used in multiple collections if they meet the requirements. Collections can include focuses on types of Illuvitars, equipped accessories, backgrounds, affinities, classes, and card set. The higher the power of the Illuvials placed into the collections, the more album points they are worth. Completing collections also increases album points.

Illuvium Beyond will feature a leaderboard showcasing the top 100 players with the highest album scores. At a later point, leaderboard winners will receive exclusive borders to use with their Illuvitars.

What is Illuvium?

Illuvium is an open-world RPG adventure game built the Ethereum blockchain, and using the Immutable X layer. Players journey across a vast and varied landscape to hunt and capture creatures, or Illuvials. Together with their little tamed creatures, players are tasked with discovering what caused the cataclysm that shattered the world.

Though the core Illuvium game is an open-world adventure game that is part auto-battler and part creature collector, the Illuvium web3 space encompasses more. For example, the upcoming Illuvium Zero will be a land-based builder game. However, this game will still tie into the main game by producing resources for use in Illuvium Overworld.

Illuvium Overworld, the open-world, RPG, will feature over 100 Illuvials to capture, each with different attributes and powers. Capture them, upgrade them and combine two Iluvials to fuse a new one. Players can store their Illuvials on Shards, a bit like a collectible card. These cards hold the essence of an Illuvial. Players can trade shards in the marketplace or give them to a friend.

Illuvium has its own marketplace known as the IlluviDex.This will serve as a central point for trading all things Illuvium related. Illuvium also includes player governance in the form of a Council that goes through regular election periods.

To learn more, visit the Illuvium website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

an arena battle in Illuvium
an arena battle in Illuvium
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