Action games are a general game genre, relying on skillful gameplay combined with action mechanics, and in the blockchain game category these aren’t very common. This game genre is mostly about battles, fighting or combat. It might involve guns and shooting as well. 

In the realm of blockchain games, developers haven’t fully embraced action games yet. Action gameplay mechanics often require fast reactions, and blockchain transaction speed simply can’t keep up. However, there are some games that combine this type of gameplay with player-owned items, think about skins. In addition some titles use cryptocurrencies as a gameplay reward, tapping into betting, gambling, and play-to-earn mechanics.

In general the game genre puts focus on challenges: requiring hand-eye coordination and quick reactions. This genre embraces a wide variety of sub-genres, including fighting games, beat ‘m ups, shooters and in some occasions platform adventure games as well.

Action Games on Blockchain:

  • Lost Relics – A New Dawn Update

    Lost Relics, the number one ARPG on Enjin, just got new features. Now players have secret stashes, can create their own dungeon and there are new slots to equip more relics. This is a big update, and this dungeon crawler is slowly getting better and better. Cliff Cawley, the main developer, added a lot of […]
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  • Blankos Season 1 Launch, Giveaways and Rewards Announcement

    Blankos Block Party is a blockchain multiplayer game developed by Mythical Games that was launched recently on the Epic Games Store. The game is gearing up for the launch of its first season and has announced a series of contests, rewards, and giveaways ahead of the launch.  Two weeks are left for the launch of Blankos […]
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  • Pixion Games Releases Fableborne Litepaper

    Pixion Games, the developer of the upcoming blockchain RPG game Fableborne just released the project’s Litepaper. Referred to as “The Fableborne Chronicle”, the litepaper contains detailed information about the gameplay, tokenomics, rewards, and the company’s strategy behind building this game.  Fableborne is a strategic base-building game in which players have to build bases, raid opponents, upgrade […]
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  • Phantom Galaxies Launches ASTRAFER Token

    With three alpha Episodes under their belt and a fourth arriving soon, Phantom Galaxies upped the ante by releasing their governance token, ASTRAFER. Along with the token launch, an upcoming event associated with Episode 4 will allow players to earn ASTRAFER rewards! As Phantom Galaxies preps for the Alpha Episode 4 release and the beta, […]
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  • Let the Meda Wars Begin

    We are greatly excited to bring you the latest information and updates concerning Cryptomeda’s flagship game, Meda Wars. Without further ado, let’s dive into the newest information about the Meda Wars game. Let’s begin with the Meda Wars trailer! Enter the Meda Wars Meda Wars is a turn-based strategy game for mobile devices taking place […]
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  • War Riders Video Review

    It has been a while since we took a look at War Riders, so we sent Bruno out in the game’s apocalyptic world and asked him to review the gameplay, the game’s economy, and the associated NFT collections. 📌 Chapters 00:00 Intro 00:46 How to get started 02:04 Let’s play 05:55 Tokenomics and NFTs 08:07 […]
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  • Ascenders Land Utility Announced

    Ascenders, the upcoming open-world action RPG, has unveiled some of the features for NFT lands. They will be key to the Ascenders economy and provide numerous benefits to land owners, such as premium services, a portion of resources mined on their land, and hosting guild halls. The fully decentralized game plans to build a player-driven […]
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  • Hunt-to-Earn in Metashooter – Alpha Version Review

    A couple of months ago, we introduced you to Metashooter, a play-to-earn hunting game with a player-driven economy. Players can collect weapons, vehicles, land parcels and can even breed dogs in order to make their way in this hunting metaverse. A couple of weeks ago, the team released the first alpha version of the game, […]
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  • Blankos Block Party on Epic Games Store and Game Updates

    Mythical Games, the publisher of Blankos Block Party, recently announced its launch on the popular Epic Games Store. Quite a milestone for a blockchain game that will put the games in front of millions of players! The developers have also released the early access patch 6 update that offers improved animations, new build props, marketplace […]
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  • Meet Cantina Royale, an Elrond-Based BAYC-Inspired Shooter Game

    Cantina Royale, the tactical action shooter game based on the Elrond blockchain, is one of the most promising free-to-play and play-to-earn games to look forward to this year. Recently, it has concluded a successful Initial Dex Offering (IDO) and mystery box NFT bundle sale on the Maiar launchpad. Now, this cross-platform game is moving fast […]
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