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Yuga Sells HV-MTL and Otherside to Faraway

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In a surprise announcement this week, Yuga Labs announced that HV-MTL and the Otherside brands have both been sold to Faraway. Faraway now owns the IPs and most of the associated NFT collections, promising to push forward with game development.

Faraway, who started off with a rather simple, web-based FPS, have managed to secure a foothold in the gaming scene. One that is sure to grow even larger as they incorporate their newly acquired IPs, HV-MTL and the Otherside!

Along with the IP transfer, we also see a personnel transfer. Spencer Tucker, Chief Gaming Officer for Yuga Labs, will now transition to the Chief Product officer for Faraway.

Does this mean that Yuga Labs is moving away from web3 gaming? It’s hard to say for sure. But given that Yuga hasn’t really done a whole lot with either game, perhaps this is a good move for the playerbase in the long run. Faraway was already involved in the Yuga ecosystem. They designed and built the latest version of Dookey Dash and also began work on another game titled Mara: Rise.

And Faraway has hit the ground running, already announcing a couple of additions to some of the NFTs in the associated collections. HV NFTs, as well as Kodas and Kodamara, will begin receiving ‘points’. What these points will be used for is still unrevealed. And, interestingly, the Koda collection will remain under the umbrella of Yuga Labs. Both Faraway and Yuga state that NFT interoperability is important to them. But we’ll have to wait and see where they go with that idea.

As part of this transfer, Faraway now owns the following NFT collections: HV-MTL, Sewer Passes, Otherside Vessels, Otherside Maras, Otherside Kodamaras, Otherside Ship parts, Otherside Catalyst, Otherside Partner Loot.

You can read the official announcement from Yuga Labs here.

Kodamara Fusion

Additionally, Yuga Labs just opened up Kodamara Fusion for Otherside players, letting them evolve their Mara using Catalysts and Sediment Fragments.

Kodamara Fusion
Kodamara Fusion

What is Faraway?

Faraway is a web3 game development studio. They built Mini-Royale, a fast-paced, browser-based FPS game with NFT support on Solana. They also created Faraway Land, a base-building game that lets players craft items for use in Mini-Royale. Faraway has also released creator tools, allowing players to create custom skins and sell them through the Faraway Shop.

Faraway has also partnered with Yuga Labs to re-launch Dookey Dash, and built Serum City, a virtual world for Mutant Ape owners. With their recent acquisition of HV-MTL and the Otherside, Faraway is now in a position to make a much bigger name for themselves!

To learn more about Faraway, visit their website, follow them on Twitter and join their Discord server.

Faraway Land
Faraway Land
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