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Vulcan Forged to Airdrop LAVA on Elysium

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Vulcan Forged prepares for a migration and reboot of their LAVA token economy with an upcoming snapshot and airdrop. It all begins on March 1st. Though you’ll want to make sure you have your tokens in the right spots before then!

In support of their new blockchain, and for a chance to revamp their game economy, VulcanForged will soon migrate their LAVA token over to Elysium. There will be a wallet snapshot taken on March 1st. This will count all LAVA tokens on the Polygon network that are in wallets or part of the Cold LAVA storage.

However, be sure to remove all PYR-LAVA liquidity from VulcanDEX on Polygon before the snapshot. LAVA still in the dex pool will NOT count as part of the snapshot.

Then there are some special instructions for those who use the My Forge feature of Vulcan Forged.

  • Users with a $LAVA balance in the Venly Polygon wallet, will also be snapshotted as part of the Polygon snapshot.Users will have Elysium $LAVA airdropped to that same address (to include any bonus from the Christmas snapshot if applicable). This means users will need to export their Venly Polygon keystore and import it into MetaMask. Then they can access the Elysium LAVA by adding the same Metamask settings above.
  • Another option is to send it to the user’s cold LAVA balance in My Forge before the snapshot date. Cold LAVA balances will also be snapshotted. When the airdrop has occurred for Elysium LAVA, the recorded cold LAVA balance would have any bonus from the Christmas snapshot applied, if applicable.

Note —the bonus credited to Cold LAVA also includes the LAVA Bank.

After the snapshot, on March 3rd, everyone will receive a 1:1 airdrop of the new Elysium version of the tokens. Those who received an Elysium Forge back in December of 2022 (based on their number of staked PYR tokens), get a bonus during this airdrop. This ranges from 1% for the Cyclops Forge, all the way up to 6% for those who received the Tier 6 level Kraken Forge.

And as part of an economic reboot, These new LAVA tokens are capped at 1 billion total, and in fact, all of them have already been minted on Elysium. The previous LAVA token had an unlimited cap, which can make long-term, economic planning difficult.

What is Elysium?

Elysium is the blockchain built by Vulcan Forged, and will be the home for all things Vulcan Forged related. And with several games in various stages of development, their own marketplace, and their own DEX, Vulcan Forged already has a good start on building out the Elysium ecosystem.

Those who need to setup Metamask to access the Elysium network can use the following settings:

Elysium Mainnet
Chain ID: 1339
Currency: LAVA

What is Vulcan Forged?

Vulcan Forged is a web3 development company that began with an MMO-style game called VulcanVerse. Since then they have expanded, creating their own network, Elysium, adding dapps such as the Agora marketplace and Vulcan Dex, and building a number of play to earn games. Their suite of games includes VulcanVerse, a fantasy MMO, Berserk a TCG style game, Vulcan Runner, Vulcan’s Tower Defense, Vulcan’s Forge Arena, Vulcan’s Battle Chess, Vulcan’s Poker, and Block Babies!

The Vulcan metaverse uses two tokens, PYR and LAVA. LAVA is the in-game, play to earn currency. PYR is the governance token, used for staking and other sorts of activities.

For more about Vulcan Forged, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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