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Immutable Introduces Immutable Passport

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Immutable X announced a new, upcoming addition to their ecosystem known as the Immutable Passport. Part wallet, part login authenticator, the Immutable Passport promises to be a valuable tool for both developers and gamers!

What was once just a secondary solution to gas fees for Gods Unchained cards is quickly growing to become a massive mover and shaker in the web3 world.

IMX continues to work on making the onboarding process for new players a more seamless experience. And along the way they build APIs and tools for developers to help them leverage these tech improvements. And in their latest move, Immutable X announced the Immutable Passport.

The Passport is a non-custodial wallet and authentication app designed to provide a seamless, secure entry point for gamers, and a easily implementable solution for game developers who want to onboard new players. The Immutable Passport will be kind of a one-stop-shop for gaining access to the associated game platforms, as well as NFT market and token integration to the IMX marketplace. From a user standpoint, their Passport will be both a login tool and a wallet.

Passport will work with a simple sign-on and setup system — just email and a password. No seed phrases, no multiple authentications. But they also aim to make the Passport more than just a token management tool. They want to build functionality that appeals to gamers and NFT collectors such as the ability to display game achievements. And of course the Passport will tie in to the IMX marketplace and take advantage of the gasless transfers.

The Immutable Passport is already being integrated into Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians.

Immutable X Passport signup
Immutable X Passport signup

Developers who are interested in incorporating this tech can sign up for early access at

You can read more about the Immutable Passport on the Passport webpage and in the official blog post.

What is Immutable X?

Immutable X is an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs. Developed as an offshoot from Gods Unchained, when the team realized that high gas fees were a major hindrance to card trading, Immutable X has grown quickly into a significant NFT marketplace. Immutable X has attracted a growing array of projects to its platform. Some notable names include Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, and Ember Sword. But it’s not just for gaming NFTs. Immutable X also hosts dozens of other NFT projects.

The platform went live in 2021 and launched its token later that year. There are no gas fees when trading on IMX. However, there are ‘protocol’ fees of 2% on every trade and sometimes market fees from the projects as well. The platform supports over a dozen tokens including ETH, IMX, GODS, and GOG tokens. Most tokens for the games available on the platform can be used for purchases.

Immutable X is rapidly scaling up their portfolio of associated apps, as well as building a suite of developer tools to help integrate with their ecosystem.

To learn more about Immutable X, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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