Illuvium banner Illuvium is a set of three games, set in the same virtual world, with some crossover between the three.

The main game, known as Illuvium Overworld, gives players a chance to explore a 3D world and look for portals that provide an opportunity to capture new Illuvials.

Illuvium Arena, is a PvE Illuvium auto-battler that sees players try to survive as many rounds as they can.

And the most recent addition, Illuvium Zero, offers land-based gameplay around harvesting resources and ultimately, crafting NFTs for use in Illuvium Overworld.

All three games are currently in alpha or beta playtests.

Illuvium is also building out a PFP style project called Illuvials. Illuvials will have some sort of utility in all of the Illuvium games.

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