Find NFTs in Worldshards Early Access

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Though only in early access, Worldshards has already implemented the ability for players to find tradable NFTs in-game. But with a potential game wipe on the horizon, NFT holders don’t need to worry, as any NFTs found are theirs to keep!

At the moment, there isn’t any massive multiplayer in this web3-enabled, fantasy MMORPG. But we’re still just in the the first phase of early access. And though the multiplayer options aren’t yet available, Worldshards already has a very playable single-player game. To get into the early access playtest you will either need to own a land NFT or have an access key.

Worldshards follows the Big Time model. Players venture out into instanced areas, fighting hostile monsters, gathering resources, and sometimes completing special quests or puzzles along the way. These resources are then used to craft and build. Players can construct work stations on their private land, allowing for crafting of more powerful items.

Players go on adventures, craft items, build housing, place crafting stations, and craft better items so that they can go on tougher adventures for even better loot — and maybe even NFTs!

screenshot from Worldshards Early Access Playtest
screenshot from Worldshards Early Access Playtest

NFTs in Worldshards

At the moment, finding NFTs is random. They may come as drops from harvesting or defeating an enemy. These NFTs are blueprints for decorative items that can be placed in your base for no resource cost. Decorative NFTs increase the comfort level, allowing the construction of more uncomfortable things like workshops and refining stations. In a future update, players will also be able to trade and sell these blueprints.

Owning an Island NFT isn’t required to participate in the game. But the Island NFTs do provide more space for constructing your custom base, which means more room for workshop upgrades, which means a greater potential for producing valuable and rare items. Also, once multiplayer is released, players will be able to use their Islands as social hubs for guilds and friends. Additionally, there will likely be land rental options through Open Loot.

Some decorative NFTs were already distributed through giveaways. Those and land NFTs can be purchased on the Open Loot marketplace.

a few Worldshards NFTs
a few Worldshards NFTs

What is Worldshards?

Worldshards is a sandbox, fantasy, MMO game that will include both a web2 and a web3-enanbled version. Divided into a number of floating islands, the world of Murlandia, see players not only battling monsters and skilling up, but also sometimes solving puzzles or working out ways to peacefully solve situations to complete quests. Worldshards will include harvesting, crafting, farming, and player built structures.

Worldshards is building a sandbox-style game. One where players can craft and trade all of the items in the game, supporting a true player run economy.

Worldshards has decided to build two parallel versions of their game. One that supports web3 features, and one that remains firmly in the web2 world. Both versions will feature the same gameplay. The only differences are that the web2 version will be available on Steam, and the web3 version will allow players to buy, sell, and trade items as NFTs.

To learn more about Worldshards, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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