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Chainmonsters Moves to Immutable X

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On the eve of their official launch, Chainmonsters announced that they were moving from the Flow blockchain to Immutable X. Soon, players will be able to mint NFTs from the game, and it was important to make sure that the game was setup in the right space for their needs.

The Chainmonsters team released a statement explaining their thought process behind the move. Part of the appeal of Immutable X is the ongoing creation and implementation of developer tools, including the recently announced Immutable Passport. These tools allow the team to spend more of their time focusing on developing the gameplay and making game updates.

We’ve seen a lot of chain jumping as more layer 2 and other scaling solutions come online and apps seek to find the best solutions for their particular needs. And the chains that can manage to bring in these development teams and hold onto them will be the ones with a better chance at longevity.

And really, this is the best time to make this change for Chainmonsters, asthey have their early access launch coming up on March 6th. This is no alpha or beta launch. This is the official launch for the game! From that point on, all game progress will be permanent, and players will also be able to mint their Chainmons, storing their stats on the blockchain and enabling trade between players.

a cute little Chainmon!
a cute little Chainmon!

In addition, Chainmonsters announced that their game will be available in the Epic Games store! Much like sidechains and layer2 solutions, distribution platforms are beginning to establish themselves in the web3 world. The world of web3 gaming is growing and evolving rapidly. Stay with us to keep up with the latest news and announcements!

What is Chainmonsters?

Chainmonsters is a blockchain-based MMORPG game developed by B-Side Games. Chainmonsters has a Pokemon-style gameplay to it. Players catch, battle, and train monsters.

It consists of NFTs that players can use to buy, sell or trade in-game assets on the Chainmonsters’ marketplace. There is currently no cryptocurrency or in-game currency token in Chainmonsters, but the game relies totally on NFTs. The game’s market allows you to buy clothes, power-ups, restorative items, and food.

The world of Chainmonsters is full of beautiful areas, unique Chainmons, and hidden secrets. Players can use fast travel to jump from one place to another quickly. In addition, you can create an island where you can invite your friends. There are 135 different Chainmons in the game, all of which have unique traits and mutations. The game story takes place in the fictional world of Ancora, which is divided into eight islands. Players need to catch Chainmons and train or breed them.

To learn more about Chainmonsters, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

Chainmonsters feature overview
Chainmonsters feature overview
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