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Play and Earn with Elixir Season Pass

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These days, token airdrops and play to earn events seem to arrive on a near daily basis. Even the distribution platforms are getting in on the action as Elixir Games launches their own play and earn event across the platform and with numerous partner games!

Here’s another chance to earn some prizes by playing web3 games. This event comes from Elixir Games, in partnership with numerous games on their platform including Katana Inu, Chronos Worlds, and One Tap, just to name a few. And Elixir is going big with an inaugural season event offering over $1M in prizes to participants!

The Elixir Season Pass opened on April 19th and runs through June 3rd. Players will have the opportunity to complete daily tasks, some of which involve interacting with the game platform (such as writing a review), others with playing certain games.

And while the general quests and social quests are mostly quick to complete, the game quests do require you to play the game a bit to get good enough to meet the requirements. Leaderboard rewards will be distributed to the top 20,000 players.

Elixir is also holding a free mint on April 25th, for Elixir NFTs. Holders can then burn their NFT for a spin on the prize wheel. Or they can hold onto the Elixirs for potential future benefits

More about the Elixir Season Pass

There are a limited number of quests available each day, so you will need to check back daily to earn maximum points. Participants can join and check their current status at

Players earn tickets as they level up their Elixir Season Pass. Use these tickets to enter various giveaways on the Elixir platform. In addition, each of the game partners for this event will hold their own game tournament, all with significant prizes as well!

This Season Pass event should work as a great catalyst for getting players onto the Elixir platform, and exposing them to a variety of different games. I just today played three games I had never heard of before so I could grab some quest points. And I’ll probably do the same thing tomorrow!

Participating in the Elixir Season Pass event is free. Just sign up for an Elixir account and get started!

You can read more about this event on the official Medium post.

What is Elixir Games?

Elixir Games is a development company that has built a game manager and launcher, similar to Steam. Elixir hosts a large selection of both web3 and web3 games on their platform.

They even allow you to connect your Epic Games and GoG accounts to access the games you own from those platforms in one central location. The Elixir launcher is available on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. With over 120 games already available on their platform, Elixir is here to stay!

To learn more about Elixir Games, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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