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Play to Earn Games to Watch in February

This year we will see major steps forward in the web3 gaming ecosystem. And a large part of that is simply, more releases, with higher quality graphics, gameplay, and development. February brings us a few notable games and companies to watch, but really the entire space is set to explode in popularity!

We called 2023 as a year of releases foe web3 games, and so far, we are not disappointed! Here are just a few games to keep watch on in February!

Gala Games

Gala Games was on this list last month, and it looks like they aren’t slowing down any! Already full bore into bringing their new mobile acquisitions on board, Gala Games is also moving forward with replacing TOWN with GALA, and bringing their own blockchain, GYRI, more to the front as additional games are added to that ecosystem.

And both their film and music divisions seem to be increasing the pace of releases as well. Also, Gala Games promised to release an updated roadmap for every app that is part of their ecosystem. So look for those over the coming weeks.

Gala Games banner


Illuvium now has all three of their games, Arena, Zero, and Overworld, running in alpha tests. They’ve been releasing regular updates and bug fixes to Illuvium Zero, and we may even see a public beta for Arena. For a long time after their initial NFT sale, Illuvium had little to show. But now we’re seeing the result of that funding and Illuvium seems to be aiming to release everything all at once!

The Harvest

The Harvest entered into open beta this week. With the web3 MOBA scene still somewhat underdeveloped, there is room for more games to grow in this niche. And The Harvest has some interesting game mechanics in that the battles are between three teams rather than two, and with players building a deck of power-ups to use throughout the match. Will they be able to attract and hold enough interest to carve out their own spot?

The beta for The Harvest is available on Steam for easy download and patching.

The Harvest open beta banner

Mega World

Mega World opens on the Binance Chain and brings cross-chain dependencies between the three cities. However, unless you’re a major player in the land game, there still isn’t much reason to play this game. So I think this new city opening will be a telling moment for the future of Mega World. Will they be able to generate and sustain enough new activity to keep an entirely new city going, while not letting the older cities decay further into empty wastelands?

I know that they are hoping for their citizen-based, virtual world gameplay to bring in new players. But that still seems to be far away.

Mega World banner

New FPSes

The FPS genre seems to be one of the fastest growing in web3 gaming these days. I guess it’s relatively easy to throw something together in Unreal Engine and then tweak it to give it your own style and flavor.

We have recent releases from FORA and Project Red, as well as other upcoming titles such as MetaLands and Citizen Conflict. On top of that we have already existing FPS games such as Forge Arena, and, who just won the best FPS award at the Gam3r’s Award event!

And of course there are others I haven’t mentioned. The FPS category for web3 gaming is growing by leaps and bounds and definitely an area to watch for interested gamers!

Phil Hall has been a gaming enthusiast since birth and a crypto enthusiast since 2017. He enjoys new discoveries and sharing those with others via blogging and photography. You can follow him on Twitter or read his other articles on Medium.