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Project Red Opens Public Alpha

Project Red public alpha banner

Where once there were few, now there are many. Another FPS joins the growing crowd as Project Red launches their public alpha. This mafia themed game brings mini-games, NFTs, and play to earn features to the world of gangsters!

Project Red is planned as a social hub for the Elrond Mafia project. Part of that hub is a modern-era style FPS featuring team and 1v1 matches. They open up this first phase to a public alpha and the gameplay videos they have released look pretty sweet.

The team has released a few dev logs discussing their attempts to add more realism to the game while maintaining the fun factor. You can tell that they have put a lot of effort into this. Everything from the POV bounce when moving to the sounds to the character’s breathing to particle effects when shooting background items! They are pretty open about their development, even making their bug tracker and development planner public!

Project Red Alpha

The Project Red public alpha opened on January 27th, 2023. And though this is a public alpha, it’s not an open alpha. Players need to own at least one NFT to play.

The game runs on the Elrond blockchain, so players will need an Elrond wallet and the ELGD native token for purchases. Players can pick up Elrond Mafia NFTs at https://xoxno.com/collection/MAFIA-bd0abc. The cheapest options are going for 21.ELGD, which is about $90 USD. The team does plan to open the game up to more players at later stages, and the game will have free to play options by the time it is officially launched.

Project Red overview
Project Red overview

Project Red is only available on the PC. Players can create custom game avatars based on the traits of the NFTs they own. Players will be able to earn EGLD tokens by playing. The game is available for download on the Project Red website.

The team plans to continue adding new maps, weapons, and game modes over the coming months. Project Red is just one facet of a larger ecosystem being built around the Elrond Mafia.

What is the Elrond Mafia?

Elrond Mafia, is a collection of 5,555 mafia-themed PFPs. The creators of this collection plan on building a game ecosystem around the PFPs. The first 1,000 NFTs of the collection (number 1-1000) are considered DAO NFTs and receive special access.

The team plans to use Project Red as the social hub and central location for accessing the various activities associated with the ecosystem. This includes mini-games, base building, farming, and more. They also reward those who stake their NFTs with regular airdrops. Elrond Mafia has big plans for building all sorts of dapps, going cross-chain., and generally making a splash in the web3 world.

To learn more about Elrond Mafia, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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