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Join Farcana Playtest to Earn FAR Tokens

Farcana playtest banner

Another playtest and another opportunity to play and earn! In this case, we have Farcana, a third-person, team-based, PvP battle game. With daily playtest windows open through May 4th, anyone with a PC can jump in and play, level up, an try to and grab a share of FAR tokens during this event!

Play to earn, play and earn, whatever you want to call it, is alive and well. And one of the latest examples comes from Farcana, who are holding a limited time playtest while giving participants a chance to earn some FAR tokens while playing!

The playtest opened on April 30th and runs through May 4th. Unfortunately, the game is only open for certain hours (5-11am CST) each day, so you’ll have to plan around that schedule if you want to participate.

During this playtest, 1 million FAR tokens are up for grabs. FAR is the utility token for Farcana. Players use it for crafting, buying season passes, purchasing premium NFTs, and staking, among other things.

During this playtest, players gain Particles for completing missions. Combine specific Particles to level up. Level up to climb the leaderboard to receive a share of the tokens.

Unfortunately, the event mission system is not integrated into the game. You have to visit to see your status. And then, you have to open up the Particles section, and click on each Particle to see the missions. And even then, the site is way behind on updates, so it’s not a real-time display. On the positive side, any Particles earned should just appear in your inventory once your mission achievements are processed.

The Farcana playtest is free and open to everyone who has a PC to play it on. Head over to to join.

This playtest introduces a new payload-style game mode where each team tries to push a cart to the end of the tracks. Gameplay is pretty smooth overall, and picking up on how to use the player abilities was an easy task. Farcana is already in a very playable state. With some game polish, integrated missions and tournaments, and additional variety with maps and character choices / customization, Farcana could claim a spot in the competitive, PVP web3 scene!

What is Farcana?

Farcana is a team-based, third-person, sci-fi themed shooter. Players group up in teams of four, each one choosing a specific character to play. These encompass the usual frontline fighter, damage dealer, rogue-type with swords, and a healer. Teams must work together to accomplish the map objectives and defeat the other team. Farcana will host seasonal events with battle passes and opportunities. for players to earn unique content and prizes.

The game studio has received backing from a number of investors including Animoca Brands.

Farcana currently has an NFT collection of Enigma Vaults, which receive airdropped (though vested) FAR tokens. Other NFTs such as weapon skins and custom emotes will be added later.

To learn more about Farcana, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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