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MegaWorld Construction Opens on Binance Chain

Mega World binance chain banner

The third city map for Mega World, on Binance Chain, opens up for construction of February 15th. This update also brings new buildings, as well as new cross-chain dependencies and includes a special pack sale.

Mega World recently sold land plots in a new city on Binance Chain. Now they prepare to open up construction in the city on February 15th. Along with this construction comes three new buildings and a pack sale on Binance Chain.

Binance Chain Construction

Players can begin constructing buildings and playing in the new city on Binance Chain on February 15th. This opening also brings three new buildings to Mega World, including one that is unique to the Binance Chain! All three blockchains will be able to construct Paper Factories and Chemical Plants. Only plot owners on the Binance Chain can build Plastic Factories.

To encourage cross-chain trades, construction of higher-level buildings will require complex materials from each of the three blockchains.

A new dependency is introduced as well. Offices normally receive passive income from their districts, but they will now need Paper in order to collect their MEGA income.

two new buildings coming to Mega World
two new buildings coming to Mega World

Airports to Binance Chain will open at the same time as construction. For the price of a ticket in $MEGA tokens, players can move Citizens and materials between all three cities. Ticket costs are based on the type and amount of Citizens or goods being transported.

BNB Starter Pack Sales

To help players get started in the new city without having to transport materials from other cities, Mega World will open up a limited pack sale on February 2nd. These BNB Starter Packs include the last of the Generation A Citizens.

Packs come in three varieties, Local, Mayor, and Federal. There will be 1000 Local packs, each one containing one Gen A Citizen as well as a few resources and compounds or basic materials. Mayor packs also include a Pet as well as more resources and rarer materials. The Gen A Citizen in Mayor packs are guaranteed to be at least Professional quality. The Federal packs also include a Car (with a 1/20 chance for a Supercar), even more resources and materials, and the Citizen will be at least Executive level. There will be 800 Mayor packs and 400 Federal packs available.

Five of the supercars in the packs will be Majestic level. Majestic level cards cannot be created by players, so these will be extra special! The other 15 Supercars will be Armageddon level, in a color that is normally unavailable in game.

Prices for these starter packs have not yet been revealed.

What is Mega World?

Mega World is a virtual world resembling a modern city with streets, buildings, cars, etc. In this game, players can own Citizens, Pets, Land Plots, and even whole Districts. The basic game features players walking (or driving) around the city, completing tasks, and earning MEGA tokens. The game will be free to play, though completing certain tasks may require owning a Citizen NFT.

For those who wish to be more invested, plot ownership allows players to create a variety of buildings from homes, to offices, to factories. Players can even choose to create a custom building on their plot. Buildings earn income in various ways, though they also require upkeep and have a chance to be hit by natural disasters. Players create most of the in-game items, including new Citizens.

Mega World is slowly building a complex economy with interconnected blockchains. With the ultimate goal a series of living cities, occupied by players.

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