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Help Build Town Hubs in My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice season 2 alpha banner

My Neighbor Alice adds the final community quest of alpha season 2. Players can contribute to these quests, helping to construct buildings that will appear in season 3. With the latest quest, players can even choose a size for the landmark building based on which team they join.

Well into season two of alpha, which ends on February 14th, My Neighbor Alice reveals the final of four community quests. Not only can players earn rewards by helping to complete these quests, but the results of the quests will determine some of what happens in season 3 of the alpha!

The alpha seasons for My Neighbor Alice are currently only open to those who hold land plots. Players can pick up land plots on the official marketplace for about 150 ALICE tokens, which equals about $280 USD at the time of this article.

community quest #4
choose a team to decide what landmark to build!

Season 2 sees players working on completing four community quests. Each of these quests are connected to Town Hubs, centralized social spaces. This quest event is part of the upcoming transition to season three, where these newly constructed buildings will play a part in the game! The more contributions that the players make during these quests, the more buildings will be added in season three. These town hubs will be important gathering points in My Neighbor Alice, and the team expects to see several in each region as the playerbase grows.

Players who help complete these quests can earn up to three placeable NFTs and one equippable NFT. Also, everyone who participates in alpha season 2 will receive a surprise reward at the end of the season.

a Town Hub in My Neighbor Alice
a Town Hub in My Neighbor Alice

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain-based building and farming game. Players can own and buy virtual islands and meet friends while building and collecting items. The game comprises two worlds – one where players can experience the gameplay, and the other has an ecosystem for players who want to trade and buy NFTs.

The game is sort of a multiplayer, Stardew Valley. Players grow crops, fish, craft, decorate, and trade. But My Neighbor Alice has quite a bit of complexity to it. For example, each body of water has a different selection of fish in it — with different fish preferring different baits.

My Neighbor Alice interacts with the Binance Chain network and features its own token, ALICE. It is currently in alpha testing.

My Neighbor Alice includes a companion mobile app called Alice’s Wardrobe. Players can decorate their avatar in this app and then save their appearance to the blockchain for use in the main game. They also have their own marketplace, with item transactions using the game’s ALICE token.

To learn more about My Neighbor Alice, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

bait options for fishing in My Neighbor Alice
bait options for fishing in My Neighbor Alice
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