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Play to Earn Games to Watch in September

Though the official months of summer come to a close, the blockchain summer seems to keep on rolling. Several new play and earn opportunities open this month, with a wide variety of gaming experiences to choose from. Players can duel as gods, fight pirates in the depths of space, claim ownership of asteroids around a distant star, kill zombies, or just wander around a town! The choice is yours!

The list of games with new play and earn programs this month spans several genres of gaming. From TCG to FPS to space sim to combination space sim / FPS, there are plenty to choose from. And to make it ever better, all of these games are free to play!

Gods Unchained Daily Play and Earn

Gods Unchained released its new, daily, play and earn reward system to get the month started right. Now, players can potentially earn for winning any of their first 10 matches, every day! Players accumulate Shards for winning those first matches. With extra shards awarded for higher ranks, and for using shiny (Shadow / Gold / Diamond) cards in your deck. Then, at the end of the day, everyone shares from the $GODS token reward pool. Combine this with weekend tournament matches to win packs as well! Learn more about it here.

Gods Unchained daily earn banner

Phantom Galaxies Episode 4

Also, Episode 4, the final, planned content for Phantom Galaxies just opened up. Titled, Pirate’s Dilemma, this episode offers players a chance to pilot a new type of Starfighter — the Lacer class. Players gather the usual medals and NFTs by completing the missions, but they also collect raffle tickets along the way, with an additional chance to earn ASTRAFER tokens! More details here!

Phantom Galaxies Episode 4 banner

Influence Test and Earn Event

Influence launched Phase 2 of it’s test and earn program. Players who participate by purchasing Asteroids and Crewmembers, and/or moving resources between chains, earn SWAY tokens. The test is happening on the Goerli (a testnet for Ethereum) network, and getting setup can be confusing at points. Luckily, the Influence team has put together a series of videos to help explain everything. Asteroids are released in batches of 2,500 daily, though new Crew can be created at any time. The event runs through the end of September, so there is plenty of time to get involved, see how in our post here.

Mega World Opens

Megacryptopolis has shut down for maintenance. When it re-opens, in it’s place will be Mega World, a living, 3D city on top of the city running simulation. Players will be able to walk around the city, enter buildings, and go on quests for MEGA tokens. Mega World is expected to open on September 7th. Players can check out a preview with the Mega World Tour.

Mega World Customizeable Building banner

Undead Blocks Tournaments

Undead Blocks is running a free to play, play and earn series of tournaments in the month of September. The tournaments run on the weekends, beginning on September 2nd. This continues a monthly series of play and earn tournaments from this undead-killing FPS.

Undead Blocks is also starting a streamer program, with special access and tournaments. Applications are open through October 2nd. All details here.

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3

Although it technically started in August, The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 is running throughout September with new experiences and challenges dropping every day. Join the daily and weekly challenge, level up or try to rank high in the leaderboards, there are many ways to earn rewards by joining the third alpha season of the voxelite-powered metaverse! More details here.

Sandbox Alpha 3 banner

Froyo Gamebox Beta

Froyo Games, the multi-chain GameFi infrastructure, has launched of the beta version of Froyo Gamebox. The GameBox lets you play competitive mini-games and win tickets that can be used to enter giveaway raffles where you can win exciting NFTs and $FROYO tokens. More details here.

Froyo Gamebox Beta Access

Planet Mojo Melee Playtest

Players who minted the Mojo NFT will be able to access the Mojo Melee, the core game mode of Planet Mojo. The team’s goal is to gather feedback from their loyal community. A premint campaign has started to win a free “VIP Playtester Pass” NFT that will grant access to future Planet Mojo’s playtests in September. Check out our preview here.

Dogami Tech launch

The joyful mobile-first play-to-earn game, Dogamí, will be launching its first tech demo on September 14, 2022. In this Tech Launch, 100 Dogamers will have the chance to participate in the early stage of the game and support Dogamí development. This Tech Launch aims to get essential feedback on the gameplay before a broader release called Soft Launch 1.

Dogami Petaverse
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