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Gam3r’s Choice Award Winners Revealed

Gam3rs' Choice Awards banner

Players have voted and selected the winners of the Gam3r’s Choice Awards! With eighteen categories and dozens of nominees, this event brought a lot of gaming communities out to vote for their favorite games.

After giving players several weeks to cast their votes across a variety of categories, The Gam3r’s Choice Awards have announced their winners. With an in-person awards show in Miami, physical trophies, and a livestream of the event, Web Gam3r upped the ante in regards to web3 gaming awards!

Big Time was the big winner at these awards, taking no less than three categories, including Game of the Year!

Gam3r’s Awards Winners List

Here is the full list of winners.

Many of these winners are not especially surprising. Animoca Brands seems to have their hand in half of web3 gaming currently in development, and Gala Games has done nothing buy stay in the news recently with their acquisitions, releases, and other updates.

And with The Sandbox migrating to the Polygon chain, as well as well-known NFTs projects DeGods and y00ts, Polygon seems to be here to stay. Even with competition from Immutable X and other layer 2 or sidechain solutions.

But some of these winners are more obviously just game communities bombarding the system with votes, whether deserved or not. With a number of mobile, web3 games that you can actually play, Guild of Guardians, which has only shown us a couple of very limited (both in time and scope) alphas, doesn’t deserve this particular award, in my opinion Now don’t get me wrong! I’m looking forward to playing some GoG, and own several Founder NFTs myself. And I’m sure that they will earn many awards in the future. But with their current status, I wouldn’t have put them up for this particular award to begin with.

The Future of Gaming

It’s interesting that we still don’t have anything in the way of action-based sports game in web3 yet. All we have are the hybrid fantasy football / collectible card games such as SoRare. This seems like an opportunity for some bold developer. I expect that we’ll see someone coming to fill that void within the next year.

But these awards do show us the direction web3 gaming is heading. For the most part, we see active, high-quality games on the winner’s list. Browser based games are going to need to offer something special to compete with the detail and graphics offered by the more traditional game downloads.!

And the actual awards ceremony seemed to be enjoyed by the participants. I can see these awards becoming a bigger and bigger event as the web3 ecosystem grows and develops.

I’m looking forward to 2023, the year of blockchain gaming!

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