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Play to Earn Games to Watch in February

This year kicked off with a bigger bang than I had expected! Token launches, play to airdrop events, cross-project collaborations, game launches, and more! Will February hold the same excitement? That’s still to be determined, but while we wait to find out, here are a few games and gaming projects we’ll be keeping an eye on this month!

Champions Ascension

Champions Ascension has gone through some big changes lately — converting from an open world concept to a more basic, menu-driven game interface. But they remain dedicated to making their action combat arena game a fun and exciting experience, regularly releasing patches or even changing up combat mechanics entirely to try and find the right combinations.

They are also opening up the Grand Bazaar, which will allow players to mint certain in-game items as NFTs, continuing to build on their crafting and leveling system, preparing for the release (no date given) of wieldable weapons, and currently running a scavenger hunt in partnership with four other web3 games!

Champions Ascension is free to play. You can check it out here.

Echoes of Empire

Echoes of Empire, another game that lies within the Gala Games ecosystem, had their official game launch on January 30th. And though a few strategy-based web3 games are up and running successfully, none of them have really managed to grab and hold a significant playerbase.

Echoes of Empire, in loose terms, is kind of like a Clash of Clans set in space. But Echoes of Empire does feature play and earn opportunities, even for free players! Players can earn daily payouts of GALA tokens, and also to mint Ships and Blueprints as NFTs, selling them to other players on secondary markets.

Will this be of long-term interest to players? Will their P2E economy hold up? We shall have to see!

Synergy Land

Synergy Land is kind of an under the radar project. But with an interesting concept (farming / base building combined with rogue-type dungeons), as well as an upcoming land sale and mainnet release this month, this might be a game to watch.

The Land sale begins on February 22nd, with two rounds of whitelist before the public sale. You can read more here. The mainnet release is slated for the same day.

If you want to check out Synergy Land beforehand, you can still jump onto the testnet. It will remain open through February 8, 2024, at 1 PM UTC.


Mobile gaming is hot. And nowhere has seen a faster rise in mobile gaming popularity than the web3 scene. Mobile game apps and platforms have exploded with a growing domination of the top spots on DappRadar’s gaming charts. One of those platforms, PlayEmber, recently released their first NFTs, the Emby collection, only a week ago. The NFTs haven’t even been fully revealed yet, but we’ve already seen over 1,100 ETH in trading volume in just over a week!

With a growing user base, play to earn options, and upcoming integration of NFTs, PlayEmber looks to fully secure themselves as one of the biggest web3 gaming projects around!

And that’s not all…

Of course this is not all that will be happening with web3 gaming this month. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and visit our website regularly to keep up with all of the latest web3 gaming news!

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