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Echoes of Empires Alpha Playtest

Echoes of Empire banner

Everyone is joining in on the end of the year release frenzy as Echoes of Empires releases their own alpha playtest. This 4x style, space conquering strategy game opens the doors for the first time to the public for a limited demo run.

The alpha for Echoes of Empires begins on December 15th at 12pm PST and runs for seven days, through December 22nd. Alas, this is not an open playtest. Participants must own a Celestial Claim. Celestial Claims will allow owners to build mines for harvesting resources or leasing to other players. But for this playtest, they only provide access to the game. In-game functionality for these NFTs will come later.

Players will get a chance to upgrade their base, build ships, and venture out into the galaxy, exploring and claiming star systems as their own.

Alpha players must first complete the introductory quests before they can begin exploration. Completing these quests explains the basic concepts of base construction, resource gathering, and ship production, while also providing the player with a ship and some basic resources to get started. Players will also be able to engage with daily quests in this alpha

Alpha players can receive an exclusive Discord role. Visit the Echoes of Empire Discord for details on how to apply for the role. It’s unclear if this role actually does anything, or whether it is just for bragging rights. It may provide access to alpha only channels or provide early access at a later point, but we don’t have any official word on that.

Echoes of Empire has created an Alpha Starter Guide to help guide players as they start the game. The team is hoping that alpha participants report bugs and provide feedback on their game experience. Be sure to join their Discord server for reports and updates.

What is Echoes of Empire?

The Echoes of Empire is a sci-fi, 4x, MMO strategy game. Players take the part of an aristocratic family and work to build up their empire. Starting with a small space station, players pledge their allegiance to a faction and try to leave their mark upon the galaxy. Players can send their ships on missions and quests to earn rewards. They can also join guilds to combat enemies and gather resources scattered across the universe. 

Aside from the usual exploration and building of spaceships, players will also claim land and expand their influence, fight space pirates, and upgrade their base. Players can even claim Royal Peerage and announce their intent to rule over a section of space!

Players upgrade warships, repair fleets, and craft new weapons at the Command Station. In addition, players own in-game assets such as ships, which are the game’s core mechanic. Echoes of Empire is part of the Gala Games ecosystem and is still in development.

To learn more about Echoes of Empire, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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