Gala Games and Echoes of Empire Sponsor Next Game Festival

play to earn game festival x echoes of empire

Play to Earn Online Magazine and Gala Games are proud to present the third edition of the Play to Earn Game Festival, powered by Echoes of Empire. For the first time ever, a consumer gaming event will offer an interactive story. The event will begin very soon, on July 12th!

For the third time the metaverse and the citizens will visit the Play to Earn Game Festival, and this time it will be more interactive than ever before. Thanks to the support of Gala Games and their upcoming 4x strategy game Echoes of Empire, made by Ion Games, the Play to Earn Game Festival once again revamps the way virtual game conventions can be. 

“Every festival I want to bring something new to the table and surprise visitors. Gala Games understands that, and their upcoming title Echoes of Empire fits the theme of the event perfectly. I couldn’t be more excited to take visitors on a galactic journey”, said Robert Hoogendoorn, founder of Play to Earn. 

“We are incredibly excited to participate in the upcoming Play to Earn Festival and to have the opportunity to introduce the community to the expansive universe of Echoes of Empire!” – Ion Games

In old times gamers would visit conventions, waiting in line to get a glimpse of games to come. But this festival is open 24/7. It’s interactive, fun, and accessible for everybody. Simply open a web browser on any device. No matter whether you use a smartphone, desktop computer or VR helmet, you will have access to the festival show floor. 

Brief intro into the story…

Visitors will find something new at the festival every day, for example there will be new giveaways. In addition the festival location will change based on community actions, and a story unfolds. Can you help to reactivate the IO – Segura7 space station, orbiting above the planet Lina Minor? It will be your job to reactivate the S1A – Zofia Corvette. Commander Herzog David Haas, IO Commander First Class, of the Interstellar Organization needs your help to leave Segura7 before The Spore, a relentless interstellar fungus, destroys all of humanity.

The Play to Earn Game Festival powered by Echoes of Empire, will take place starting from 12th of July. The event will take one week. Stay tuned for more awesome updates about this truly next gen game festival experience. Also make sure to mark your calendar, recruit!

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