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Aurory Adds Rank-Based Matchmaking and Rewards


The Aurory team heard the community and added Rank-Based Matchmaking and Rewards. Players will now experience fair matches against opponents of the same level. Besides this, OKA and TOKE will be earned based on the winning player’s current position on the ladder. OKA and TOKE can be converted into $AURY every week.

Matches are now more fair for everyone. Players will only face opponents of the same level making every battle a challenge. Also, fixed OKA and TOKE rewards are a thing of the past. Now, rewards are skill-based. Those who spend more time honing their skills are the ones who take the most tokens home.

The new update should encourage players to progress on their main accounts and get as much MMR as possible. On the other hand, it should discourage multi-accounting which is no longer a viable option to farm tokens and abuse the system.

After each season, the ranking will reset to give everyone an equal opportunity to reach the top. At the beginning of each season ‘newbies’ may face some ‘pros’, but after some time everyone should be facing equally-skilled opponents.

Rewards are given in OKA for those who own an NFT Nefty and in TOKE for everyone. Recently the team also announced the beginning of the Open Beta. Before, only holders of the Aurorian NFT or 500 $AURY tokens could access the game. But now everyone can try it for free. The only limitation is that F2P players only earn TOKE.

To sum up, patch 0.2.8 will have the following effects:

  • Players will be faced with opponents of the same skill level.
  • Reward distribution will be based on the current MMR
  • Multi-accounting will be discouraged
Aurory screenshot
Aurory screenshot

What’s Aurory?

Aurory falls into the Tactical Turned-Based RPG. It is identical to other games in the web3 space like Voxie Tactics for example. So far only the PvP game mode is available where every player chooses a team made up of three Nefties, the magical creatures of Aurory that are used in battle.

Each Neftie then has different stats, a class, and different abilities. Every turn players can move and attack with their Nefties until all the Nefties in one of the teams competing are taken down. The player who successfully takes down the opponent’s team wins the match and is rewarded in TOKE and/or OKA tokens based on his rank.

This Solana based project only has one token, $AURY, both a utility and governance token. Aurory also has the following items in the form of NFTs:

  • Nefties – Characters that can be used in a match. NFT Nefties allow players to earn OKA tokens
  • Aurorians – PFP NFTs. Also, it provides holders with a lot of benefits like NFT airdrops and early access to future game modes. Can be used in expedition mode to earn more rewards
  • Collectibles
  • Skins

Graphics are beautiful and have an unique style. The gameplay is amusing and challenging even though the game is only in open beta. It is also a free-to-play game on the Solana Blockchain where everyone can already earn some $AURY tokens.

Personally, it is a game I recommend, especially for RPG lovers.

Aurory Gameplay