Strategy games come in a variety of types. From epic 4x scenarios to tense real-time PVP battles to auto-battlers, and more. And the play to earn / web3 scene is no stranger to strategy games. Perhaps the most famous being Axie Origins, part of the Axie Infinity suite of games.

There are plenty of strategy games in various stages of alpha and beta playtests. But here are a few free to play, web3 strategy games that you can play right now!

  • Axie Origins – turn based team fights with Axie creatures
  • Voxie Tactics – turn based, fantasy themed team fights
  • Mojo Melee – fantasy themed auto battler – currently in open beta
  • Voxie Tactics Adds Training Mode

    The free to play, play to earn, strategic battler, Voxie Tactics, adds a new training mode, allowing players to test out different character and equipment combinations in a stress free environment! At long last, Voxie Tactics introduces a PvE mode to their game, allowing players to learn the game and try out different strategies while […]
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  • Eternal Dragons Adds PvP Arena Mode

    Eternal Dragons adds a new Arena mode, allowing players to compete against each other in PvP combat. They will spend a little time tweaking and adjusting their ELO and ranking system before launching a big PvP tournament with big prizes! Eternal Dragons takes another step forward with their alpha, introducing a new PvP Arena mode. […]
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  • Planet IX Continues to Expand with Cargo Drop 3

    The options in Planet IX, a game about restoring life to a devastated world, continue to grow. With Cargo Drop 3, Planet IX opens another layer of expansion for player’s Mission Controls, and adds Rovers, automated vehicles that assist players in harvesting their tiles. The latest drop from Planet IX, Cargo Drop 3, includes a […]
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  • Play to Earn on Nekoverse Alpha Testnet

    Though it’s already been open for a couple of weeks now, there is still time to join the testnet alpha for Nekoverse and earn rewards before they move to a launch on the mainnet! This cat-themed, turn-based strategy game offers a couple of different ways to play and earn! The latest playtest for Nekoverse launched […]
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  • Hexarchia Looking for New Developers

    Hexarchia, a turn-based strategy game that once had some buzz around it a while back, came out of hibernation to announce a major shakeup to their founding team. As a result, the remaining founder is trying to reboot the game, and is looking for new developers to join the team! At one point in 2022, […]
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  • Cross the Ages Opens Marketplace on Immutable X

    Cross the Ages, a collectible card game, announces a new marketplace for their collectible cards on Immutable X. This move brings a gas-free option for players collecting NFTs, and puts another feather in the hat of Immutable X! Another game joins the ever-growing crowd on Immutable X. Cross the Ages, a collectible card game announced […]
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  • Axie Wraps up Homeland Season 0

    That’s a wrap, folks! The first season (Season 0 officially), for Homeland, the land gameplay feature of Axie Infinity, ended today, and the team shuts things down to prepare for Season 1. We should see more from this much anticipated alpha in a few weeks. Season 0 of Axie Homeland ended today (January 31, 2023). […]
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  • Voxie Tactics Reveals Upcoming Changes

    Voxie Tactics revealed some information about upcoming changes to this fantasy-themed, strategic battle game. Changes include a new Dragon class, Bone Chests with Dragon-themed items, a VOXEL airdrop, and the first PvE content! Voxie Tactics unveiled their plans for upcoming changes to their strategic battle game, which includes new classes for some existing characters, a […]
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  • Mojo Melee Bowl Invitational Tournament

    Mojo Melee brings us an announcement about their first Mojo Bowl Invitational Tournament. With a special NFT for every participant, and a 5,000 USDC prize pool, the competition for this tournament should be fierce! Mojo Melee began weekend alpha tests a couple of months ago. They also recently hosted a small, charity tournament in December. […]
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  • CityStates: Medieval Test Event Details

    CityStates: Medieval has announced a new test event to let users access the servers for beta purposes. Citing improvement and the addition of key features, the announcement also reminded users that the game may still need some more fixes. City States: Medieval is a cross-platform game still in development, aiming to build a complete player-controlled […]
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