Strategy games come in a variety of types. From epic, 4x scenarios, to tense real-time PVP battles, to auto-battlers, and more! And the blockchain / web3 scene is no stranger to this style of gameplay. Perhaps the most famous example is Axie Origins, part of the Axie Infinity suite of games.

There are plenty of strategy games in various stages of alpha and beta playtests. But here are a few free to play, web3 strategy games that you can play right now. Most of them offer some sort of play and earn rewards, either with tokens and/or tradable game assets!

  • Axie Origins – turn based team fights with Axie creatures
  • Voxie Tactics – turn based, fantasy themed team fights on randomized maps
  • Planet IX – web-based, expand and grow your are of control to help restore a ravaged planet
  • Animoca Brands and Ubisoft Announce Partnership

    Partnerships seem to be the hot item this month, as we have yet another announcement of cooperation between web2 and web3 organizations, in this case, Animoca Brands and Ubisoft! Ubisoft recently announced their foray into web3 gaming with Champions Tactics, a strategy game currently in development. Now they kick things up a notch by partnering […]
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  • Play and Earn in Aradena Battlegrounds Playtest Weekend

    Despite having run into some funding issues earlier this year, the developers of Aradena Battlegrounds continue to solider on, bringing us a new playtest weekend, with rewards for everyone who plays at least one match! Though progress on the development of Aradena Battlegrounds, a web3-enabled, turn-based, PvP strategy game, has been slowed, it has not […]
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  • Influence Prepares for Launch with Limited Mainnet Release

    Originally slated to launch this past summer, Influence is now ready to get things going with a limited mainnet release, followed soon after by a full pre-release on a testnet, and then the official Exploitation launch later this year! Though we expected to hear about new releases from Influence over the summer, we ended up […]
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  • Win a Reign of Terror Mystery Crate through Open Loot

    Reign of Terror and Open Loot are holding a special giveaway for Mystery Crates — contents unknown! Joining the giveaway is free, though you do need an Open Loot account and you will also need to join the Reign of Terror Discord. Reign of Terror, a suite of games set in a cyberpunk world, is […]
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  • Legacy Announces October Release Date

    Legacy, the web3 game about building an efficient production line and designing creative products, has announced an official release date of October 26th, 2023! With a move to the Gala Chain, Legacy is now prepared to let users utilize their NFTs in-game, and apparently are even ready to start handing out game rewards to players! […]
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  • Final Two Weeks of Everseed Alpha

    Though the Everseed alpha will soon draw to a close, the development team continues to deliver new updates to their players on a regular basis over these final weeks. These not only include bug fixes and quality of life improvements, but also introduce new Battle Plants and even new Companions! Only two weeks left to […]
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  • Blockchain Brawlers Rebrands to Brawlers

    Once again we see a game development company make moves to create some distance in their game between players and the blockchain as Blockchain Brawlers drops the blockchain part of their name, and rebrands to simply Brawlers. Blockchain Brawlers will from this point forward be known only as Brawlers. The team has decided that in […]
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  • Chicken Derby Plans BAWK Token

    Long one of the few web3 games that didn’t have their own token, Chicken Derby announced plans to change that dynamic with the introduction of a new token called BAWK. Designed to function as the token used for most upcoming Chicken Derby features such as breeding and mini-games, players will also purchase Stadium rights with […]
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  • Gala Games Launches Champions Arena

    This week we have a new web3 game launch from Gala Games as Champions Arena moves out of beta and into live status! Players can now fight their way through the campaign, level up their heroes, and battle their way to the top of the leaderboards with permanently saved progress. Champions Arena, another title in […]
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  • Freeze Foes with New Pet in Everseed Update

    Everseed drops another update on their alpha players, bringing with it game updates, bug fixes, and a brand new Pet to help out in your adventures! And there is still time to work on that battle pass progression, with many players looking to bring home the special ‘Season of the Sun Diddit’ to show their […]
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