Web3 and the MMORPG genre seem a perfect match. MMOs typically already feature robust economies, a game facet that thrives on the blockchain — in the right conditions. But balancing a game economy is difficult, especially when that economy has real world value.

And on top of that, developing a AAA MMO-style game is not a feat accomplished during a weekend game jam. Server architecture, game clients, developing PvE and PvP content, artwork for everything, and scaling it up for thousands of players — and that’s just the basics!

But despite the long road ahead, many developers are diving into the web3 world with their MMO games. This includes games across a wide variety of landscapes. From starships and space stations, to apocalyptic wastelands, to standard fantasy worlds.

The web3 MMORPG universe continues to grow rapidly, and a number of games are entering into alpha and beta playtests, giving players a chance to try out this new era of gaming!

  • Worldshards Early Access and Land Sale

    Another web3 MMO throws their hat into the ring as Worldshards announces an early access playtest coming up at the end of February. You can pre-register for the game, but for this early access test, you will need a key, or a Founder’s Island to gain entry! From their trailer, it seems that Worldshards takes […]
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  • Overworld Sells Out Incarna NFT Mint

    Overworld, an in development MMORPG, held their Incarna NFT mint earlier this week, and saw it sell out in under a minute! But as you might imagine with such a quick sell-out, there were some disgruntled customers! For an in-development game that is all hype and little content, Overworld somehow managed to create enough buzz […]
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  • Find Loot in the Mirandus Shipwreck Sale

    Mirandus continues to churn forward on developing their fantasy, MMO world, releasing new videos and occasional weekend playtests. Now they’re prepared to open the vaults and hand out a number of NFTs, many of them quite valuable, with their Shipwreck Sale, which is slated to open on Monday, December 4th! Mirandus is bundling up a […]
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  • Stake and Hold for Cradles Rewards

    With the official launch of their token, CRDS, Cradles begins a series of special events designed to reward those who hold and/or stake CRDS tokens! And best of all, players can acquire CRDS tokens by playing the game and finding or mining special ore crystals! Cradles slid into open beta a couple of months ago, […]
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  • It’s Emperor’s Day in Champions Ascension

    Emperor’s Day has arrived in Champions Ascension! And with it comes events throughout the day, tons of prizes, and more! The game is free to play, and you can even build your own Grunt-level Champion through a series of quests! Today, November 8th, 2023, has officially been proclaimed Emperor’s Day by the Emperor in Champions […]
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  • Big Time Preseason Launch

    Big Time gears up to head into their preseason launch with a number of new features they plan to introduce at the same time! With new adventures, new craftable items, and even a rental system, this preseason launch for Big Time could propel their MMO to the next level! Big Time has already been running […]
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  • Phantom Galaxies Releases Cohort 4

    Not even a month away from their last release, Phantom Galaxies brings us another update with several new features. Officially known as Beta – Cohort 4: Defenders of the Stars, this beta playtest includes everything from the previous three Cohorts, and some new stuff as well! Phantom Galaxies releases another update to their beta playtest […]
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  • Eldarune Dungeons Launched on Mainnet

    The first game in the Eldarune universe has launched on the mainnet, with access slowly rolled out to those chosen through an open whitelist process. With the ability to receive both ELDA tokens and NFTs from finishing dungeons, Eldarune is sure to attract a number of adventurers eager to try their luck in the dungeons! […]
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  • MetaCene Opens Alpha Test

    A new MMORPG joins the neighborhood as MetaCene, a game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, starts their closed alpha test! With all of the traditional MMO elements, will MetaCene establish themselves as a major player in the still developing web3-MMO space? MetaCene kicks off the alpha test for their MMO today. This alpha test may […]
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  • Mint Your Planet in Phantom Galaxies

    Phantom Galaxies opens up their Planet mint, allowing Mintpass holders a chance to create their very own generative, planetary NFT. And you can even choose some of the planet’s traits by using Planetary Catalysts to guide its creation! The time for the Planet mint has come to Phantom Galaxies! Gather your Mintpass, your Catalysts, and […]
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