Web3 and the MMORPG genre seem a perfect match. MMOs typically already feature robust economies, a game facet that thrives on the blockchain — in the right conditions. But balancing a game economy is difficult, especially when that economy has real world value.

And on top of that, developing a AAA MMO-style game is not a feat accomplished during a weekend game jam. Server architecture, game clients, developing PvE and PvP content, artwork for everything, and scaling it up for thousands of players — and that’s just the basics!

But despite the long road ahead, many developers are diving into the web3 world with their MMO games. This includes games across a wide variety of landscapes. From starships and space stations, to apocalyptic wastelands, to standard fantasy worlds.

The web3 MMORPG universe continues to grow rapidly, and a number of games are entering into alpha and beta playtests, giving players a chance to try out this new era of gaming!

  • Phantom Galaxies Releases Cohort 4

    Not even a month away from their last release, Phantom Galaxies brings us another update with several new features. Officially known as Beta – Cohort 4: Defenders of the Stars, this beta playtest includes everything from the previous three Cohorts, and some new stuff as well! Phantom Galaxies releases another update to their beta playtest […]
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  • Eldarune Dungeons Launched on Mainnet

    The first game in the Eldarune universe has launched on the mainnet, with access slowly rolled out to those chosen through an open whitelist process. With the ability to receive both ELDA tokens and NFTs from finishing dungeons, Eldarune is sure to attract a number of adventurers eager to try their luck in the dungeons! […]
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  • MetaCene Opens Alpha Test

    A new MMORPG joins the neighborhood as MetaCene, a game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, starts their closed alpha test! With all of the traditional MMO elements, will MetaCene establish themselves as a major player in the still developing web3-MMO space? MetaCene kicks off the alpha test for their MMO today. This alpha test may […]
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  • Mint Your Planet in Phantom Galaxies

    Phantom Galaxies opens up their Planet mint, allowing Mintpass holders a chance to create their very own generative, planetary NFT. And you can even choose some of the planet’s traits by using Planetary Catalysts to guide its creation! The time for the Planet mint has come to Phantom Galaxies! Gather your Mintpass, your Catalysts, and […]
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  • Slay Undead in Dread Arena Inaugural Tournament

    The time has come to prove your worth in the Dread Arena as the Uldor team introduces their first official tournament! So sharpen your swords, hone your reflexes, and prepare to slaughter waves of undead in your quest to reach the top of the leaderboard! Uldor announces the inaugural tournament for Dread Arena, their arena […]
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  • Last Chance for Skyborne Legacy Free Mint

    A free mint from Skyborne Legacy is coming up soon, but the window for landing a whitelist spot is closing fast! This mint for limited edition, special Gems and characters, has gained quite a bit of attention, and will likely be snatched up quickly. The Skyborne Legacy mint is free, but you need a whitelist […]
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  • Cradles Public Beta in mid-July

    Cradles, an MMO with dinosaurs, prepares for a new, public beta test, opening in mid-July. And though they call this a public test, it’s actually limited, though there are a couple of ways you can get access. Slated to start on July 15th, the next beta playtest for Cradles: Origin of Species, is limited to […]
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  • Ember Sword Announces Alpha Land Sale

    Ember Sword announces a new, upcoming alpha land sale. Running in two phases, this sale offers discounted land plots to participants who want to own a slice of the Solarwood region. But to get the best discounts, you will need to have your application accepted! Ember Sword gears up for their next land sale. Dubbed […]
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  • Play to Earn Games to Watch in July

    Summer has officially arrived. And with it comes a steady flow of releases, playtests, info dumps, and all that sort of good stuff we love to hear in the web3 gaming community. As always, there is so much to keep track of that one article won’t do it justice. But still we want to call […]
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  • Mirandus Tech Test Launches May 15th

    Mirandus brings us another tech test / playtest for their fantasy MMO. Launching on May 15th, this playtest opens up an actual slice of the world letting players, explore, socialize, fight, hunt, and craft! The next Mirandus playtest kicks off on May 15th and runs for two weeks (though no firm close date has been […]
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