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Walking Dead Empires Public Playtest

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The dead rise again in an upcoming public playtest for Walking Dead Empires! Featuring an expanded map, the ability to use NFTs, and PvP options, this playtest should offer significantly more content than their alpha preview last summer!

Known officially as The Walking Dead Empires (TWDE) Winter Demo, this playtest begins on March 20th, 2023 and runs for two weeks. Playable on PC or Mac, anyone with a Gala Games account can join in!

Though this playtest is open to everyone, no NFTs required, anyone who owns Land or Hero NFTs will receive some perks. Those who own land NFTs will be able to unlock higher levels of headquarters. For Hero owners, they will automatically be assigned to play as their highest rarity Hero (not sure how ties are resolved). As they play the ‘Winter Demo’, their Hero will earn permanent, ‘Winter Demo XP’. This is not the same as regular experience for Heroes, but it will provide some sort of advantage in the future.

Anyone who doesn’t own a Hero NFT will have a few characters to play with, but they won’t gain any permanent experience.

This playtest includes 81 zones, a significant increase from the 9 available during the pre-alpha. The larger map offers more land types as well as PvP battlegrounds. After all, humans are the real monsters, right? But in addition to other humans, players will also have to face off against the undead, some of whom are more dangerous than the standard Walkers. And sometimes, the Walkers may even gather up into large herds, posing a danger to even the most veteran players!

Base building takes on a new dimension as well. As players build larger bases, they can claim additional, nearby territories — including those already owned by other players! So finding a group to build with may prove to be a much better option than trying to go at it alone. And to help encourage banding together, players will be able to form alliances of up to 20 members. Players can also place Crafting Stations for creating better, more complex items.

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beware the horde!

What is Walking Dead: Empires?

Walking Dead: Empires is a multiplayer, strategy survival game set in the Walking Dead universe. Players survive the apocalypse by fighting walkers and building a base. As players upgrade their base, they must defend it against waves of walkers intent on breaking down the walls and destroying the base’s flag. Players can also own special NFTs such as forges, laboratories, and furniture. Place these NFTs into your base to provide additional bonuses or functionality.

The game offers a variety of melee and ranged weapons, many (if not all) of which can be crafted by players. Each weapon comes with its own set of special attacks. Players harvest and scavenge materials to use in crafting and base building. In Walking Dead: Empires, players can also own land. The bigger the land plot, the more allies that can join you. Common plots can have up to three players in an alliance while ancient plots can support as many as 50!

The game will feature PvP. It will also have play-to-earn opportunities through the accumulation of DeadCoin, a token on Ethereum. Walking Dead: Empires is part of the Gala Games ecosystem.

To learn more about Walking Dead Empires, join the Gala Games Discord chat.

Walking Dead Empires skill tree screenshot
upgrade Talents to craft better items
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