Alpha testing is a common part of software development. But generally, it is not something that is exposed to the general public. But the close-knit communities of web3 and blockchain gaming have brought developers and game players together in ways that are rarely seen in the world of standard game development.

Crowdfunding, community involvement, and accessible alpha playtests seem to be the norm in web3 development. And not only are developers interested in getting feedback about the game, but they want they also want to give their players a chance to experience the worlds and experiences as they are being built.

Sometimes alphas are gated behind owning certain Founder or Genesis NFTs. Others might require a referral code from a friend or grant access based on community involvement. Some, on the other hand, are completely free and open to the public!

And on top of early access, and potentially having your feedback shape the game development, many alphas offer rewards in the form of game tokens and NFTs to participants!

So follow us here at Play to Earn Online and we’ll help keep you up to date with the latest alpha releases and any requirements they might have!

  • Champions Ascension Alpha and More

    The latest Emperor’s Decree brings big news to the lands of Massina! The first is Emperor’s Day, an upcoming celebration with a special tournament. The second is an official alpha release, slated for the end of November. And of course, there are some more fun details! Occasionally, the Emperor of Massina releases announcements and proclamations […]
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  • MegaWorld Opens Express Delivery Alpha

    The closed alpha for MegaWorld Express has arrived, allowing the first wave of players a chance to try out the new, free, to play, play to earn, delivery system that also ties back into the city building aspect of the game! Mega World moves to a new phase, adding a free to play economic loop […]
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  • Final Two Weeks of Everseed Alpha

    Though the Everseed alpha will soon draw to a close, the development team continues to deliver new updates to their players on a regular basis over these final weeks. These not only include bug fixes and quality of life improvements, but also introduce new Battle Plants and even new Companions! Only two weeks left to […]
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  • Signup for Moonfrost Closed Alpha

    Signups are now open for the Moonfrost closed alpha where players will have 45 minutes to explore and experience the basics of the farming feature! Some longtime supporters will automatically receive spots, but they still need to go through the application process. Another game long in development, Moonfrost, prepares to release a limited, closed alpha […]
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  • Freeze Foes with New Pet in Everseed Update

    Everseed drops another update on their alpha players, bringing with it game updates, bug fixes, and a brand new Pet to help out in your adventures! And there is still time to work on that battle pass progression, with many players looking to bring home the special ‘Season of the Sun Diddit’ to show their […]
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  • Earn Alpha Chests in Citizen Conflict 3.0

    A new phase arrives in Citizen Conflict — alpha phase 3 to be exact. And with this phase comes a new map, and play and earn rewards in the form of Alpha Boxes, which could contain a limited edition, alpha only NFT! Alpha phase 3.0 arrives in Citizen Conflict, bringing a new map, new tournaments, […]
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  • Fight in the Champions Ascension Arena 24/7

    A soft launch from Champions Ascension today brings the world of Massina online in a more permanent state. Aside from maintenance periods and patches, the team plans to have the game available to the players 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Starting today (August 17th, 2023), players can join the free to play […]
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  • First Play to Mint Event for Fableborne

    The first of the play to mint events from Fableborne is now live. For the next forty-eight hours, players can download the game alpha and compete for one of the top fifty spots and a chance to earn a spot for the upcoming Primordial NFT mint! The first play to mint even for Fableborne began […]
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  • MetaCene Opens Alpha Test

    A new MMORPG joins the neighborhood as MetaCene, a game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, starts their closed alpha test! With all of the traditional MMO elements, will MetaCene establish themselves as a major player in the still developing web3-MMO space? MetaCene kicks off the alpha test for their MMO today. This alpha test may […]
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  • Fight for Glory in MetalCore Alpha 3

    It’s been a few months since their last playtest, but MetalCore is back with Alpha Phase 3, offering all players a chance to try out this sci-fi, FPS — and maybe even win some rewards along the way! A new MetalCore alpha kicks off on July 28th at 8pm CST. Officially named Phase 3, the […]
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