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Tiny World Tinymon Pets Pre-Sale Event

Tiny World egg sale banner

The public portion of the Tinymon egg pre-sale event starts on December 16th and is only open for a day. This is a chance to purchase a egg to hatch a Genesis Tinymon, pets with special powers to aid your heroes in the Tiny World universe!

Who doesn’t love virtual pets? They’re always so darn cute! And if they give you bonuses in a game, well that’s even better! Your chance to own one in the Tiny World universe Pets is coming up soon, and the purchase window is only a day long!

Only 2000 Tinymon eggs are available during this sale, costing 0.06 BNB each. Each wallet may purchase as many as 50 eggs. The sale is open from December 16th, 8am UTC, until December 17th, 8am UTC. Participating in this sale requires owning a Binance Account Bound Token, or BABT. BABT is a digital identity token issued by Binance. You can learn more about that here.

For now, buyers must hold onto their eggs. The eggs wont be hatchable until the pet system goes live. Also, Eggs are not tradeable. The sale will be on the offical site –

What are Tinymon?

Tinymons are pets in the Tiny World universe. These are generative NFTs with randomized stats and appearance. Pets have six traits, eyes, tails, collars, ears, paws, and markings. Each Pets also has a combat power rating, determined by the quality of their body. Pets can join up with player’s Heroes in Tiny Kingdom and add their bonuses to the Hero. Pets can level up, and require energy to fight. When their energy runs out, it can be replenished by consuming crystals.

Pets hatched from the eggs from this pre-sale will be considered Genesis Pets. Genesis Pets consume 20% less resources when breeding. Each Tinymon can breed up to seven times, using TINC and SPIRIT.

What is Tiny World?

Tiny World is a series of interconnected, web3-enabled apps. These include games and a defi system centered around NFTs. Players can collect over 100 Tiny Hero NFTs.

There is Tiny Farm, a gameified version of defi, similar to Mobox. Players can add to the TINC – BNB liquidity pool, and then receive bonus earnings for also staking their Hero NFTs.

The main game is Tiny Kingdom, an auto-battler, idle style game. Players use their Hero NFTs to level up and find new equipment. Tiny Kingdom runs in seasons and features leaderboards where players can earn rewards. The primary game token is TINC.

For more about Tiny World, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

Tiny World newbie team recommendation
Tiny World newbie team recommendation
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