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Celestial Claim NFT Sale for Echoes of Empire

echoes of empire screenshot

On Wednesday November 10th, the Celestial Claim Land Presale begins for Echoes of Empire. Sign up at the official website for notification of the exact time of release. Land NFTs continue to be hot commodities in the play-to-earn space, so anyone interested in the game probably doesn’t want to miss this sale.

Echoes of Empire is a free-to-play, sci-fi, multiplayer 4X strategy game. One of the most valuable assets in the game, Celestial Claims, allow players to mine basic and special resources. Basic resources include materials used for building, upgrading, and researching. The special resource is called Dust, and it will function as the primary game token for Echoes of Empire.

Dust is an ERC-20 token, integral to the game. Dust can be used to create rare blueprints, research ancient artifacts, upgrade Celestial Claims and more. With multiple use-cases and distribution gated by the number of active mines on Celestial Claims, Dust will be a valuable commodity.

Celestial Claims

The Claims for this sale are in three different clusters, with around 2,000 claims available per cluster. Players will need the funds in their Gala wallet in order to purchase. For this sale, purchases reserve a Claim spot. The actual choosing of Claims won’t happen until the land rush at a future, undecided date.

Each Claim allows a certain number of mines based on its rarity (see chart below). Higher rarity Claims also produce more Dust. Once the game starts, owners can either work the mines themselves or lease them out to other players. The starting price points for Claims are not yet revealed.

In an interesting, story-based twist, the clusters which have Claims available will change based on the community interactive story about Valentina Barbaro. As she visits clusters in the story, Claims will open up in the cluster. However, once she leaves, Claims are no longer for sale until she returns, at which point they will be at a higher price point!

What is Echoes of Empire?

Echoes of Empire is a futuristic space MMO where humankind has expanded beyond our solar system and established colonies and bases throughout the galaxy. The Emperor died, and the galaxy thrown into turmoil. Players take the part of an aristocratic family and work to build up their empire. Starting with a small space station, players pledge their allegiance to a faction and try to leave their mark upon the galaxy.

Aside from the usual exploration and building of spaceships, players will also claim land and expand their influence, fight space pirates, and upgrade their base. Players can even claim Royal Peerage and announce their intent to rule over a section of space!

Built on the Gala blockchain, Echoes of Empire will have NFTs for sale. With player ownership as a core feature, expect to see much more in the future. To get an idea about gameplay, take a look at the video below.

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