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R-Planet Reveals Element Generator

rplanet wax aether element generator

R-Planet is slowly showing more of its upcoming gameplay mechanics, as developer Wecan revealed the Element Generator on the project’s Twitter page. The Element Generator allows players to combine resources and create something new. At the center of R-Planet’s economy is the in-game currency AETHER, which users can obtain by staking assets.

At the moment R-Planet only offers a staking mechanism to earn AETHER, the in-game currency. By staking assets from other projects, including Tribal Books, Alien Worlds and Garbage Pail Kids, users earn AETHER. Each staked NFT is worth some of the in-game currency.

Currently players have accumulated 513 million AETHER. However, the maximum supply is way bigger at 10 trillion AETHER. This suggests that the in-game currency has a very long-term play in the Wax ecosystem.

However, R-Planet needs to become a whole lot more. Wecan has been promoting the project as an NFT DeFi game, which will launch later this year. Players will be able to use AETHER to create basic elements, these basic elements can then by combined in the R-Planet Element Generator to create a new primary element. However, the true purpose of R-planet is still a bit mysterious…

Wax blockchain and DeFi

Seeing a staking mechanism for non-fungible tokens appear on the Wax blockchain isn’t a major surprise. Staking NFTs has become common practice in recent month since Meme token popularized the concept. Nowadays users stake LAND to earn more SAND for The Sandbox, stake COIN and CRED to earn crypto artworks, or stake their NFTs in the Polyient Games ecosystem.

Wax co-founder William Quigley expressed his desire to add more aspects from decentralized finance to his blockchain back in October. A new tokenomics model allow WAXP holders to swap their tokens for WAXE and use that to earn WAXG, a governance token.

However, Wax blockchain positions itself strongly as a blockchain for digital collectibles. For example, this week Deadmau5 launched his own collectibles. Garbage Pail Kids, AtariStreet FighterKOGs and Bratz are also brands with digital collectibles in the Wax ecosystem.

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