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Upland to Launch Business Beta Program

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Upland will start beta testing business ownership inside their virtual world on the EOS blockchain. The developers see player-owned businesses as the next step in the evolution of Upland, and therefore they are searching for beta testers. Upland announced the businesses beta program in a blog post.

During the beta program there will be two types of businesses, each using a different business model. In addition each type of shop will focus on a different type of non-fungible token (NFT) from the Upland ecosystem. There will be Block Explorer Shops and there will be Outdoor Decor Shops. However, not everybody can join this beta. Only those who are very dedicated to the Upland ecosystem have a chance of being accepted.

Firstly, Block Explorer Shops are marketplaces where players can trade, buy or sell existing custom Block Explorer. These Block Explorers are basically digital avatars that players use to travel through Upland. Owners of these shops earn income from transaction fees and they can curate their own collection to enjoy full sale proceeds. In the future shop owners can also design and sell their own custom explorers.

Secondly, Outdoor Decor Shops are locations that create and sell blueprints for decorations. Buyers can place these inanimate objects on properties. The owners of these decor shops work together with the team of Upland to get their custom designs approved.

Upland has created an entire application process. The developers want to ensure that only those who’re deep into the game will apply. They estimate it costs at least 1 million UPX to run a Block Explorer Shop, while a Decor Shop will require a 5 million UPX commitment. Applying starts with filling out a form.

More businesses coming

The Block Explorer Shops and Outdoor Decor Shops are just the two first businesses coming to Upland. The developers consider this to be the first phase of business development. In the future Upland will allow businesses like cafes, art galleries, and even car dealerships.

Upland has been introducing plenty of new features in recent month. Right now there’s a competitive tournament happening, where neighborhoods are conquering territory from each other. At the same time the in-game world has gotten an overhaul, and new features three-dimensional buildings.

Yesterday Upland set a record of 6600 active wallets and 30 thousand transactions. According to data from DappRadar this has been the most active day in Upland history so far. Last month Upland sold the virtual version of the New York Stock Exchange for 23 thousand dollars, setting a new NFT sales record for the EOS blockchain game.

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