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Music Mogul Reveals Gameplay Details

Music Mogul gameplay banner

Music Mogul, the second game in production by WAX studios, already sold out the first two of their five planned Artist pack sales. This game about managing an empire of musical artists, released more details about their planned gameplay. So far, we know the game includes touring, and recording, with two types of game currency earned in the process.

Music Mogul, a game about building and running a musical empire and topping the charts, gave us some more information about their game. Music Mogul features two primary gameplay experiences, touring and recording. Basically, these represent the PvE and the PvP portions of the game, respectively.

Music Mogul economic loop
Music Mogul economic loop

Touring involves assigning Artists to different Gigs and earning Keys, a game currency. Essentially, a staking system for Artist NFTs. Gigs are randomly generated and come with various requirements including Artist Genre, Star Power level, and Notes (the other in-game currency) cost. Gigs have a lockup period from 1 to 24 hours. The available Gig options change regularly, so if there isn’t anything that fits your Artists, you can always check back later to see what new Gigs have opened up.

It’s unclear how new players will start with the Notes needed to Tour, but perhaps there will be free Tour options available.

Players use Keys to send Artists to the Recording Studios. Artists assigned to a Recording Studio generate Notes, bringing the basic economy full circle. When Artists are assigned to Recording Rooms, they are locked in for a week.

More About Recording Studios

To assist in the Recording Studio, players may purchase Staff and Equipment NFTs in-game for Notes. Though they can also be purchased from other players on secondary markets. A random selection of Staff will be available for purchase by players in-game. The available NFTs refresh throughout the day. So, like Gigs, players can wait until they see the right Staff for their needs. Staff come in four types — Composer, Producer, Sound Engineer, and Artist Manager.

Each Artist in a Recording Room can have up to four Staff assigned to them. Each assigned Staff provides a boost to that recording Artist’s earnings. Some Staff have preferred Genres, and provide even bigger boosts when their Genres match the Artist’s. Staff can be upgraded by combining multiple copies of a card to create a higher level version.

Recording Artists may also be assigned Equipment. Unlike Staff, Equipment comes in random packs. Equipment consists of six types, and each Recording Room has slots for one of each type. Equipment also increases the Artist’s earnings. However, Equipment comes with a durability rating, allowing each NFT only a limited number of uses.

Music Moguls plans on having a number of leaderboards, or charts, for players, based on the total earnings of their Recording Artists. The team promises to include a variety of leaderboards so that even players with a small roster of Artists has a chance to place. Top players on the charts receive weekly rewards in the form of Notes.

In order to keep the game fresh, Artists’ popularity will rise and wane over time, forcing players to keep an eye on their setup and earnings.

To learn more about Music Mogul, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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