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KOGs 2nd Edition Collectibles Before Christmas

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The second edition series of the KOGs digital collectibles will launch on December 22nd. Just like the first series, there will be a 3-hour sale for rare collector packs. These KOGs are issued on the Wax blockchain, a platform mainly focused on selling and buying digital collectibles.

First there will be a collector’s sale, which will last for only 3 hours. During this time collectors can buy 30 dollar starter packs and 15 dollar booster packs. These 2nd edition early bird collectibles will probably be the most valuable packs for KOGs on the secondary market.

A 2nd Edition Collector’s Starter Pack contains 30 KOGs, including eleven common ones, seven uncommon, and four rare ones. In addition there will be six special ones and two yet to be revealed editions. A booster pack gets like 40% of that.

After the collector’s sale, the regular 2nd Edition main sale will continue for three months. These regular packs cost 8 dollars each and contain twelve KOGs. The third KOGs digital collectible series will launch by the end of March 2021.

KOGs game incoming

KOGs aren’t just digital collectibles, even though there usage is indeed very limited at the moment. Development studio Red Fox Games is working on a game involving the NFTs. A public beta game is supposedly planned for December this year. In addition they will reveal another NFT-powered game in March 2021.

Until that time, people will keep collecting and trading KOGs. Certain promo versions of the digital assets are now listed for $400, while starter packs from the first series cost around $200.

WAX seeing market growth

Since August the WAXP token has lost 40 percent of its value. Currently one WAXP token is worth just over $0.03. However, the token is finding more markets every month. This year they’ve launched several notable collectibles, of which the Garbage Pail Kids by Topps are the most famous ones.

In the past few weeks several new products launched on the Wax blockchain. Together with Atari they’ve introduced digital collectibles based on Atari’s gaming history. In addition the trading card game Tribal Books started its pre-sale. Without a doubt more is coming.

Almost two months ago Wax expressed their ambition to tie their economy to the Ethereum blockchain. The rise of decentralized finance is the biggest story in the world of blockchain, and Wax sees opportunities there. Traders and investors can lock their WAXP in a smart contract and they will receive WAXE on the Ethereum blockchain. WAXE can be staked, and in return users will receive WAXG. These WAXG tokens can be burned in return for ETH or used to vote on governance matters.

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