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Deadmau5 Digital Collectibles Selling on Wax

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While the auction for In Titan’s Light is happening on SuperRare, Deadmau5 is bringing more digital collectibles to the Wax blockchain. The progressive house dj is working with Wax on six thousand packs with digital collectibles. These will be available with a starting price of 10 dollars per pack today at 5 PM UTC.

The Wax blockchain positions itself as the ‘king of NFTs’, and adding Deadmau5 to their portfolio emphasizes that ambition. These digital collectibles range from stickers to high quality animations and from Deadmau5 logos to photos from his live performances.

A standard pack contains 10 non-fungible tokens, selling for 10 dollars. In addition there’s a mega pack with 30 collectibles. These sell for $28.49. All purchases need to be completed using a creditcard, similar to the earlier Garbage Pail Kids card sales.

There are different rarities for the Deadmau5 collectibles. Stickers and animated stickers are the least rare, followed by Black Cards and Deluxe Gold. A Rare Silver card and UltraRare card complete the list of six rarities.

Deadmau5 into blockchain

It’s no news that Deadmau5 is a progressive individual with an apatite for technology. However, seeing two NFT projects release within hours, that’s quite remarkable. Yesterday the auction started for In Titan’s Light, an audiovisual artwork by Deadmau5 and Sutu.

The involvement of Deadmau5 in an NFT project can be seen as part of a new trend. Mainstream celebrities and artists start seeing the blockchain as a new revenue stream.

Over the past few months we’ve seen Paris Hilton draw a kitten for charity, and earlier this week graphics artist Beeple sold 3.5 million dollars worth of his creations. At the same time former MLB star Micah Johnson dedicated his time to crypto art.

There are just the first examples of mainstream artists dipping their toes in the crypto art space. At the same time we’re seeing similar developments surrounding digital collectibles. Pro athletes from the NBA invest in Dapper Labs and their NBA Top Shot collectible game, while companies like Topps and Atari are also moving into the blockchain and NFT space.

The King of NFTs

Wax is really positioning itself as a blockchain for digital collectibles. CEO William Quigley even said that Wax puts focus on non-fungible tokens. In blog post he furthermore added that ‘every consumer product that can not be eaten, will become an NFT’. The boss of Wax sees blockchain maximalism as a dying philosophy. He believes every blockchain will gets its own specialism. In the case of Wax that’s collecting and trading NFTs, but for Ethereum that could very well be decentralized finance.

One of the most popular collectibles are the ones from Garbage Pail Kids. However, very slowly more gaming projects are joining as well. With Prospectors they already have one hit game, but there’s more coming. For example, Hodl God is a battle royale game that uses the Wax blockchain. With Dark Country there’s another trading card game as well. In October Tribal Books was announced.

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