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Dark Country Reveals Roadmap for 2023

Dark Country 2023 roadmap banner

Being based in Ukraine has caused some trouble for the Dark Country team over the past year. But they still work onwards, recently revealing their plans in a roadmap for 2023. These plans include a mobile version, as well as new card expansions!

Dark Country recently released their roadmap for 2023. The bulk of which revolves around a planned mobile release. Dark Country hopes to attract a larger playerbase by making their game more accessible. Mobile gaming continues to grow, and the web3 gaming developers don’t want to miss out on that market! Dark Country hopes to release both an Android and iOS version of the game within the first half of 2023.

And to make it more seamless for players unfamiliar with web3 technology, and to also help maintain the game economy, the team is looking into implementing an in-game only token called GOLD.

In addition, 2023 will see the implementation of leagues and seasons, allowing players to compete with (hopefully) equally skilled competitors. There will be 3-4 leagues to begin with, and seasons will run for two weeks. The top players of each league win packs at the end of each season. This feature should arrive in Q1 of 2023.

To help boost the game’s free to play opportunities and not discourage new players on the mobile app, Dark Country will also include a Beginner League where players can only play with a free, standard deck. Each season the top finishers will be awarded with card packs they can use to begin building their own decks.

Dark Country gameplay

Expansion in 2023

In addition to the hopeful expansion of the playerbase, Dark Country has other expansions planned as well.

In 2023, Dark Country plans to release four new card expansion sets, each with 40 new cards. This will bring the total number of cards available for the game to over 500.

But that’s just the start. Dark Country has much bolder plans. This includes expansion to no less than four additional blockchains, as well as releasing on additional distribution platforms. This seems like a big project, and I’m not entirely sure how the players will interact between blockchains. Will there be a central, seamless market for trading NFTs? Will players have to move all the cards to the same chain in order to play them in the same deck? The Dark Country team said that they planned to ‘unify’ their SDM token across the chains.

What all this means to the average player remains to be seen. Hopefully we will have more details on the functionality behind these expansions in the near future!

Dark Country Land banner
Dark Country land gameplay

What is Dark Country?

At its core, Dark Country is a collectible, trading card game built on the WAX blockchain. It features a gothic horror /western theme with cowboys, guns, demons, magic, and undead minions!

Dark Country plays like other TCGs you might be familiar with such as MTG, Hearthstone, and Gods Unchained. Players spend mana, play cards from their hand, and try to reduce the opponent’s health to zero.

Dark Country is free to play. The game provides a set of starter cards for everyone to play with. Players can also use their own NFT cards to build decks. Dark Country features play-to-earn options via regular tournaments, special Play the Pros events, and by engaging in the land gameplay.

Dark Country includes their own token, used in the land game, known as Shadow Dimes (SDM). Land owners use Shadow Dimes to upgrade their buildings and as pay for players. Shadow Dimes exist on both the WAX and FLOW blockchains. The map layer for the game includes land ownership, guild PvP, quests, and more!

To learn more about Dark Country, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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