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R-Planet Scheduled for February 16th on Wax

Rplanet mars artwork spaceship

Development studio Wecan has announced that they will release R-Planet next week on February 16th, and the game runs on the Wax blockchain. R-Planet will have players combine basic elements to discover something new. The game will be filled with ways to win prizes, all fueled by staking NFTs on the Wax blockchain.

By staking digital collectibles from products like Tribal Books, Garbage Pail Kids and Kogs, players earn an in-game currency called AETHER. They need this currency to create basic elements: wind, earth, fire and water.

Merging the four elements creates one of 36 different card elements, which come in different rarities. For example, there’s mythic plant, but also common dew. The 600 players who discover a certain card element first, will win a prize NFT. However, those who are really the first, will have their name tied to the NFT of the invented element. In addition they will receive 0.002% of the prize fund.

R-Planet quickly explained

So, let’s recap. Stake NFTs on the Wax blockchain on, earn AETHER. Then use this currency to create basic elements, and then combine these basic elements to discover a primary element. Which potentially will earn you a very limited edition card.

With R-Planet Wax is getting another collectible-oriented game on their blockchain. The staking mechanism has been live since December, but now players will be able to do something with the accumulated AETHER tokens. Supposedly this is just a first step for Rplanet, which potentially will add more features in the future.

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