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Collectors Can Power-up Street Fighter Collectibles

Street Fighter WAX cards digital collectibles

Games publisher Capcom is adding gamification to their Street Fighter digital collectibles on the Wax blockchain. Collectors will be able to increase the rarity of their cards by combining build cards. They didn’t communicate a launch date yet, but images on suggest that the Street Fighter cards on the Wax blockchain will launch in February.

They will sell card packs that contain five digital cards. These are build cards, and collectors can combine two matching build cards to unlock a new card with one of six randomly assigned rarities. Players can add more build cards to increase the new card’s power score. Once a card reaches a power score of five, players will unlock a class card. Also this card comes in six different rarities.

When players use their build cards to power-up specific Street Fighter collectibles, these build cards will be burned. Because build cards are limited in supply, this will increase the overall value and scarcity of the available cards. The value of the build cards ultimately is captured in the newly created cards, while luck will add the true value by giving the newly created collectible a certain rarity.

Gaming and blockchain

Digital collectibles are nothing new in the world of video games. Since the launch of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 fifteen years ago, gamers have been collecting digital trophy and achievement points. In addition games like Assassin’s Creed have perfected the concept of ‘collecting items’. At the same time there’s all kinds of collectible merchandise on the market aimed at gamers.

However, gaming on the blockchain is different. Digital items on the blockchain have a proven rarity, and that makes them valuable. Out of every demographic it’s most likely that gamers understand the value of a digital collectible, because they’ve been grinding for digital gold in virtual economies for years already.

Capcom isn’t the first gaming company to dive into the world of blockchain. Atari has been a frontrunner in this space, announcing their own token, new games, digital collectibles and various partnerships. Bandai Namco has invested in a company that creates avatars on the Flow blockchain, while Square Enix has invested in The Sandbox.

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