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Bratz Collectibles and Games Coming to Blockchain

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Animoca Brands has signed a licensing agreement with MGA Entertainment to make digital collectibles and blockchain games involving Bratz. The blockchain gaming company will create a game called Bratz Lookz, including a series of Bratz mini-games and digital collectibles. This starts with the launch of the Bratz Card Sale on December 22nd.

Bratz has been around since 2001. The fashion dolls spawned a wide range of entertainment products, ranging from animated movies and tv series to video games. There has even been a live-action feature film titled Bratz: The Movie.

The licensing deal between Animoca and MGA kicks off with the launch of the Bratz Card Sale on the Wax blockchain. Fans and collectors will be able to buy the first digital collectibles ever.

Bratz Card Sale in detail

The Bratz Card Sale on the Wax blockchain will be the first steps of the Bratz franchise into the world of non-fungible tokens. The first sets of collectible card come in four different rarities: Stylin, Super Stylin, Extra Stylin and Ultra Stylin. Eighty percent of the cards are from the Stylin rarity, while only two percent are Ultra Stylin. In addition there are 50 special collectible cards called ‘Shimmering Design’, which are distributed across all rarity levels.

Starting from December 22nd Animoca will sell three different card packs. For five dollars collectors buy one card in a Mini Pack. Ten dollars gets you three cards, while 25 dollars gives the buyer nine cards.

Collectors who have some of these Bratz cards, will also receive a code for 200 Bratz Coins. This is a non-crypto in-game currency for the upcoming blockchain-powered game Bratz Lookz.

What is Bratz Lookz?

Bratz Lookz is a digital collectible game that allows users to collect their favorite Bratz dolls, outfits and accessoires, and also use them to style and create their own digital dolls. Following a play-to-earn mechanic, Bratz Looks will have regular Freezing Events. These events allow players to turn their doll designs into non-fungible tokens that can be sold and traded on the open market.

One of the tokens that players can use inside Bratz Looks is the Bratz Fan Token. This is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It can be used inside the game, but is also connected to the larger Animoca Brands blockchain ecosystem. SAND, REVV, GAMEE, and now Bratz Fan Token will connect in one way or the other.

At the same time Animoca’s subsidiary Gamee is working on a hyper casual game called Bratz Popz. In this mini game players can compete for cash prizes or other gaming tournaments. Inside Bratz Popz players can find hidden codes that they can redeem for Bratz Tokens.

The licensing deal for Bratz is the second girl brand in the portfolio of Animoca Brands. In September the company announced that its in-house brand Star Girl would come to the Flow blockchain. In addition Animoca has been creating a platform for more casual gaming. In October they brought their subsidiary Gamee into the blockchain space.

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