Top NFT Collections and Games this Week – June 18

top play-to-earn games

The overall crypto markets seems to be rebounding from the recent, SEC-related downturn. And the markets for web3 games and NFTs remain strong as well, with hundreds of thousands of active, daily gamers and millions of dollars flowing through NFT markets on a weekly basis!

More playtests coming at you this week, most of them with play and earn opportunities! Synergy Land is finishing up their early access weekend, while Life Beyond has an ongoing series of weekly leaderboards with prizes for those engaging with their new Solo Combat Trials feature. Blast Royale is also hosting an ongoing summer event, and Aradena Battlegrounds just opened up their public beta!

In other news, Axie Homelands now allows land delegation, the Otherside revealed numerous details about Legends of the Mara, their upcoming, land based game, and Planet IX is selling MetaShares for their NetEmpire corporation, allowing holders to earn passive income from the in-game markets!

Read on for a look at the most active web3 games and NFT projects for the week. And be sure to keep an eye on our website and Twitter feed for the latest developments in the web3 gaming space!

Top play-to-earn games by active users

GameActive Users 7 daysChange
1. Alien Worlds265.52k-6.90%
2. Farmers World96.76k-7.08%
3. Hippo Dash96.69k-0.02%
4. Splinterlands81.55k-13.42%
5. Iskra64.77k+53.80%
6. SuperWalk63.28k-2.37%
7. Upland60.04k-8.79%
8. DeFi Kingdoms52.56k+239.82%
9. Arc847.4k+1519.54%
10. Planet IX33.18k-2.56%
Source DappRadar

Not much change in the top ranks of the charts this week, though we some trending games in the bottom half of the top 10 with Defit Kingdoms and Arc8. DeFi Kingdoms recently launched their own sub-net and this game on hero questing and mini-games seem to be riding the hype wave.

Arc8 is a collection of competitive mini-games who just started a new season, allowing players to advance in leagues and earn simply by playing. It looks like they have attracted quite a following as well!

Top 10 NFT collections by volume traded

CollectionVolume traded 7 daysVolume Change
1. Bored Ape Yacht Club$45.51M+10.29%
2. CryptoPunks$23.54M+182.18%
3. Mutant Ape Yacht Club$20.48M-26.67%
4. Azuki$12.98M-47.46%
5. Gods Unchained$5.95M+1.47%
6. DeGods$4.25M-11.92%
7. The Captainz$2.56M-42.08%
8. Pudgy Penguins$2.28M-23.87%
9. Bored Ape Kennel Club$2.12M-6.31%
10. Opepen Edition$2.09M-45.06%
Source DappRadar

NFTs are in the mainstream news again as an NFT known as ‘The Goose’ sold at a Sotheby’s auction for a cool $6.2 million! This one sale alone would put the collection at number 5 on our top 10 list, but since the sale was an off-chain transaction, it isn’t tracked by DappRadar.

After a brief hiatus from our top NFT collections, Cryptopunks are back in their usual spot near the top of the charts. And Gods Unchained seems to have locked down their spot, steadily pulling in over $5 million worth of trades on a weekly basis!

And though Snoop Dogg’s latest NFTs aren’t on these charts, his continued presence in the web3 world and the continued support from Sotheby’s bode well for the future of mainstream, NFT adoption!

Top announcements of the week

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