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Arc8 adds League Play and Battle Pass

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Arc8 releases a major update to their platform of casual, competitive, mobile games, with a league-based system, and a battle pass. These two new avenues of advancement offer daily and earn opportunities for all players!

Arc8 steps up their play and earn experience with the introduction of a battle pass, and a new league system with daily rewards! Now players can have many chances to play and earn without needing to invest a single cent into the game!

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Arc8 league passes for sale soon

League Play, Streaks, and Battle Pass

Arc8 has done away with the system where players would need to put up tokens in order to compete in matches to earn more tokens. Now everyone plays in a league system that hands out rewards at the end of every day. Players earn trophies by winning matches and rank up to higher leagues as their number of trophies grows.

At the start of each day (1pm UTC), the system places players into leagues of 100 players in the same tier. The top 10% of the players in each league receive Reward Boxes at the end of the day. Higher ranked leagues receive bigger prizes.

Arc8 has also added a new Streak system. Basically, players can earn additional Trophy points by winning multiple games in a row. Players only get three chances per day to run up a streak (four chances if you own a Premium Pass). After that, they can play ‘Training Battles’. Wins from Training Battles still reward the player with Coins. But in order to access those Coins, the app requires you to watch an ad first. Extra Streak attempts can be acquired by using Energy.

Players also earn points towards the battle pass by winning matches – one point per win. Potential rewards from the pass include Coins, Luck, Gems, Energy, and Reward Packs. Luck is used in an in-app raffle system while Gems purchase Rewards Packs and Energy. Energy is used to increase Streak tries, and Coins are used for purchasing additional Luck and entering some tournaments. Players can buy a Premium Battle Pass for $9.99 (payable with credit card or Paypal) which offers an additional set of rewards.

In addition, those who hold an Arc8 League Pass (sale coming at the end of June). will have access to a number of additional rewards, including NFTs from Star Atlas and Hunters On-Chain!

What is Arc8?

Arc8 is a free to play, web3-enabled, mobile app featuring a number of competitive games under its roof. Arc8 has over a dozen skill-based games available. All of the games are in a duel PvP format. Players are paired up and then compete asynchronously to try and reach the highest score in the same game.

Arc8 is built by GAMEE, who is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands.

To learn more about Arc8, you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Arc8 features a suite of casual games to choose from
Arc8 features a suite of casual games to choose from
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