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Legends of the Mara Revealed

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In a series of blog updates over the past couple of months, The Otherside team has revealed many new details about the gameplay for their upcoming Legends of Mara game, which is centered around Otherdeeds, Kodas, and Vessel NFTs!

Legends of the Mara is an upcoming, land-based game about gathering resources, evolving Vessels into Mara and Mara into Kodamara, and defending against The Shattered, a race of mysterious, dangerous Titans.

To start playing, you must own an Otherdeed Expanded. This is an Otherdeed that has been run through a contract which detaches any associated Kodas, generates a Vessel NFT, and returns the Otherdeed in Expanded form. In addition, you will need either a Koda or a Vessel to make use of the deed. You can also use Maras or Kodamaras to work on your land plots, but they won’t be available right away.

Legends of the Mara Gameplay

Players nest Vessels in their Otherdeed to grow them into Maras. Only one Vessel may be nested at a time on a deed. Vessels come in three types, Hunter, Farmer, and Enchanter. A nested Vessel will evolve into the corresponding type of Mara. Players assign Mara to their Otherdeed to begin working. Players can also use Sediment Fragments and Seasonal Catalysts to upgrade their Mara into a Kodmara, a more powerful version of the Mara. The selection of ingredients used to generate the Kodamara determine the final outcome. Mara evolution is a one-way process.

Kodas are special in that they do not need to be nested first, and they can be assigned to any of the roles. They are also the most powerful of the game units. The Tier rating of the Otherdeed determines worker capacity. While the Sediment trait determines how many Sediment Fragments the Otherdeed produces. Farmers placed on an Otherdeed allow for Fragment harvesting.

Players can choose between farming their Deed for resources, or battling The Shattered for special treasures, known as Unearthed Artifacts. The game will include a leaderboard showing which players have done the most damage to The Shattered, and how long it took to take down one of these mighty titans. Top players on the leaderboard receive additional treasures at the end of the season. Legends of the Mara will include an evolving storyline with their seasons, making each one a little different.

The Otherside team also mentioned (without any details), their plans to create ‘alliances’ with other PFP projects as “reinforcements into the Legends of the Mara battle.” Perhaps we’ll be able to use NFTs from other projects as workers and fighters?

You can learn more about Legends of the Mara on the official website. Season One should launch sometime this summer. We should also see an official litepaper with more technical details about the game soon as well.

What is the Otherside?

Otherside is a Metaverse project by Yuga Labs, the founders of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. It is a world of floating islands, each one an NFT Otherdeed (100,000 in total). Otherdeeds come in different tiers, which affects their appearance and their resource production. Each plot can produce up to four different resources. Some lands also come with special Artifacts or Koda visitors. The land NFTs are dynamic, designed to change and evolve based on the owner’s actions.

Otherside will eventually release tools that allow Otherdeed holders to shape and create their own experiences on their plots.

To learn more about the Otherside, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Otherside First Trip
an image from the First Trip, Otherside event
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