Join Sparkball for Early Access Weekend

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Sparkadia announces an upcoming early access weekend for their MOBA-style game, Sparkball. Available through Steam, players will have three days to try their hand at this action-packed brawler!

Formerly know as Edenbrawl, Sparkball is a MOBA-style brawler described as League of Legends meets Rocket League. Two teams battle it out in the arena to try and score the most points.

This early access weekend, known as ‘Ascension Weekend’, is free to join, but you will need an access key. Watch the Sparkadia Twitter feed and join their Discord to find opportunities to grab a key for yourself. You can also get access by owning a complete set of Sparkadia Origin NFTs, or a Ascended Kana NFT (Ascended Kanas are currently priced at under 3 MATIC).

selecting a power before a Sparkball match
selecting a power before a Sparkball match

Sparkball Early Access Weekend

The Sparkball Ascension Weekend will run from June 30th through July 3rd.

Sparkadia plans to offer plenty of reward opportunities for Ascension Weekend participants. Players earn various in-game badges and achievements while playing over the weekend. Each badge earned gives one entry into a raffle for a $50 Amazon gift card (100 total winners). Players who complete at least 15 matches will earn a special ‘Ascended’ Discord role and be entered into a raffle for a ‘very large mystery prize’. In addition, the 50 players with the highest rating at the end of the event receive a special badge and an invitation to a $5,000 closed tournament! The team also promises to hold plenty of other giveaways during the weekend as well.

Sparkball screenshot
Sparkball screenshot

What is Sparkball?

Sparkball is the first game in the Sparkadia ecosystem. It is a MOBA-style game with a quick, action-packed play style. Featuring a third-person view and a WASD control system, reflexes play a crucial part in Sparkball. Kind of a cross between an all-out brawl and a game of rugby, players try to maneuver the ball and score goals while using various abilities to fight off the other team.

All items in Sparkball are cosmetic only. None of them provide any sort of in-game advantage. And that’s good because Sparkball wants to claim a spot in the Esports arena. So expect to see leaderboards, ranked mode, tournaments, and the other sort of stuff that comes with competitive gaming.

Interestingly, the Sparkadia team say that Sparkball is NOT a web3 game. Rather it is just a game with some web3 elements. In my mind, this makes it a web3 game. But it seems that the playerbase for Sparkadia is not especially comfortable with the idea of blockchain and NFT integration with their games, so the team is trying to distance themselves from heavy association with the web3 scene. Only a few of the high-level cosmetic items in the game will be NFTs.

To learn more about Sparkadia and Sparkball, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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